Tensei Kenja – 55


“This dragon had incredibly strong water magic. In the myth, the dragon grew with the darkness that covered the sky. And when it was fully grown, it destroyed a continent in just three days.”


“A continent in three days. A mythological monster… Still, I find it difficult to believe that something that could destroy a continent was in the Delight Forest…”


“I agree. Besides, it has not become dark here…”


Just then, the priest glanced out the window…then muttered.


“…But, does it not see a little darker than usual?”


“Are you kidding?”


Then the manager looked out.

I used the slimes to see what it was like outside.

Yes, it did seem darker than usual.


“Yes, that seems to be the case.”


“Can it really be true then…”


“No, it must be a coincidence.”


Still, the participants of the meeting started to look worried.

…Now that I think about it, it had been quite dark in the forest as well.

What if…


“What is this darkness that covers the sky supposed to be like?”


I had a bad feeling about it as I asked the priest.

And then he answered.


“According to the myth, only a part of the sky becomes dim at first. Then it starts to spread and  become darker. While this is happening, there will not be a cloud in the sky.”


…Now that I think about it, there hadn’t been any clouds in the sky while we were in the forest. I think.


‘Hey. Were there clouds while we were in the Delight Forest?’


‘There weren’t any!’


‘No! The weather was so nice! Well, except it was a little dark!’


‘It got darker when we were leaving.’


I asked the monsters just in case, and confirmed that it wasn’t just me.

This…is getting really bad.


“While we were investigating in the forest, it became strangely dark, and there were no clouds in the sky…isn’t that the same as the book?”


“…It is.”


“An oppressive air filled the meeting room.


If this was earth, there would be no need to worry about mythological creatures from books.

However, this was a world of monsters and magic.

Even if it was an old myth, it could still be true.


…But if the Blue Dragon of Delight really was that mythological dragon, then there was nothing we could do.

What use would it be to gather the strongest Adventurers together, if this dragon could destroy a continent by itself?


“By the way, how long does it take for this dragon to grow completely?”


Perhaps it would take an incredibly long time for such a mythological dragon to grow large enough to destroy the continent.

If it took 100 years, that would be enough time to think of something.

However, that hope was crushed when the priest opened his mouth.


“3 days.”

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  1. Poor Yuji, wherever he goes, some super disaster comes up, with very little time limits, and no one else capable of stopping it. Yeah, he’s still hired at a black company, in a way.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you, take care, and have a great day!

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