10 Years After – 198

Danton’s Mansion


Shia laughed and said,


“Though, this mansion has never been attacked by vampires before.”

“That’s preferrable.”

I said and Danton nodded.


“It would be a very dangerous situation if the vampires had gone far enough to invade the house of the chief.”

“We must do our best so that doesn’t happen!”


Nia said with a smile.


“Oh, right. I forgot to give you the gifts.”

“You really shouldn’t have troubled yourself.”


Danton said modestly as I handed them to him.


“It’s nothing special. But at least there is a lot of it.”

“Thi-this! Why, it is from that famous store in the imperial capital! Thank you!”




Danton and the children who were there were very happy.

I didn’t think they would care so much about some sweets.

But I was glad that I had bothered.


At the same time, I wondered who these children were. Were they brothers and sisters to Shia and Nia?

As I wondered this, Danton explained it to me.


“These are not my children, but they are being raised in this mansion.”

“I see. So they are like your apprentices?”

“Close enough. For beastkin wolves, the entire tribe works together to raise the children.”


As we talked about this, Kathe stepped forward.


“I have also brought you all a gift.”

“Your Majesty, you are much too kind to us.’

Danton said gratefully. Kathe was the wind dragon ruler.


“I want you to take it since I worked so hard on it.”

Kathe said as she took out the mysterious statue from her bag.

She must have completed it yesterday. It was very good in quality.

Apparently, Kathe was good at sculpting. It was of a very handsome man.

But I didn’t know who it was. He looked a little like Eric, perhaps.


“Thi-this! Thank you so much! It will be our treasure.”

“Cluck! Cluck!”


Danton was very happy. And Lord Gerberga was excited for some reason.

Kathe nodded with satisfaction.


“Yes, yes. I am glad that you like it.”

“Kathe. Who is this anyway?”

“Hmm? Isn’t it obvious? It is the hero Ruck.”


Kathe said with a smug expression.

It was even more handsome than the one in the city.


“…But that doesn’t look like me at all?”

“What? That is not true. It is my masterpiece, you know?”

“Cluck! Cluck!”


Lord Gerbera flapped his wings happily as Luchila carried him.

Kathe had only recently learned how to tell humans and goblins apart.

So it could not be helped that she had made such an unrealistic statue.



“It’s so cool!”

“Miss Kathe, that’s amazing!”

“Yes. You are very talented.”


The beastkin children were also happy. Nia patted them fondly on the head.


“Oh, well.”


At least most people would not recognize who this statue was supposed to be.

I was hiding my identity, after all.

So it was preferable that the statue was a little bit different from reality.


And so I pushed thoughts of it aside and gave Danton the most important gift.


“Here. This is from Princess Leea of the water dragons.”


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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