10 Years After – 198


“What! From Her Highness?”

“It’s water from the water dragon settlement. Drinking it helps heal wounds. There are also some fish from their lakes.”

“How wonderful! We will accept them gladly. …Please take them away. Be careful.”



Young men of the tribe came and carried the water and fish to the kitchens.


“I will help too!”

“Me too!”

The children went with the men to help them.


“Father, you must be so happy.”

“You must thank Leea later!”

“Aye. But, Nia. Shouldn’t you call Her Highness by her title?”

“It’s because we are friends.”

“I see… I suppose it is fine then.”


And then Danton looked at me.


“That is what Nia says…but is it true? Perhaps it is rude?”

“Leea seems to enjoy it. If anything, I think she would be sad if everyone only called her Your Highness.”

“In that case… But to think that my daughter would be friends with the princess… I don’t know what to say.”


Shia looked at him with exasperation.


“What are you saying, father? Nia is the apprentice of Mister Locke.”

“…Indeed. Is it not exactly odd that the apprentice of Locke could befriend a princess.”


Danton said with satisfaction.


And then he led us to our rooms.

There were lots of young people in Danton’s house, and they carried our things for us.

When that was finished, we moved to the drawing-room.


The chiefs of the beastkin were waiting there.


“Are you having a meeting today?”

If they were, I had chosen a bad time to come.

If they were busy, I should hurry up and return to my room.


“No, that’s not the case. They just came because they heard you were here.”

Danton said with a laugh.


The chiefs all stood up and gathered in front of us.

I bowed my head.


“Thank you for your help earlier.”

“We are so incredibly grateful that you have visited us, Mister Locke.”


They smiled happily.

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