10 Years After – 199

A Feast with the Beastkin Wolves


The oldest of the chiefs noticed Kathe.


“Oh, the ruler of the wind dragons! So it is not only Locke that is here. This is a great honor.”

And then the other chiefs noticed Kathe as well.

They all frantically fell to their knees and bowed.


“There is no need for that! We just came here for fun. So please treat us normally!”

“But, we couldn’t possibly…”

“I came here today to stretch my wings. It would trouble me greatly if you treated me with so much respect.”


I added,

“The wind dragon ruler is very tired from her daily work. I think she wants to relax here.”


I highly doubted Kathe was doing much work at all, but I decided to make it sound like she had been busy.

Kathe nodded readily.


“Yes, I have been working so hard.”

“In that case…”


The chiefs finally stood up.

Kathe did not like being treated so reverently, and so she was happy.


After that, they announced that a feast would be held in our honor.

And then I asked them questions about the tribes.


“So, how many tribes are there?”


The oldest of the chiefs answered me while he poured drink into my cup.


“Largely, you could say there are twelve.”


“It is hard to explain. But there are smaller tribes which are an exception.”

But all of the beastkin wolves in this area were part of the twelve tribes.


“Exceptions. I see.”

“Shia Woolcott is a recent exception.”



That was a surprise. I thought Shia was a part of Danton’s tribe.

I looked over to where she was sitting on the other side of the table.

She was talking happily to the other chiefs.


“Did Shia get thrown out after causing some sort of trouble?”

“No-no. Nothing like that.”


After I came back to this world and killed the first High Lord.

The chiefs of all of the tribes were given titles.

And Shia had been given a special title as well.

This was because her contribution had been great.


“Not only that, but Shia is treated as a Chief in her own right.”

“I see… It’s that kind of system.”


That being said, Shia Woolcott was still part of Danton’s tribe.

That meant that the tribe had two chiefs.

She was like the lord of a branch family.


Serulis, who was sitting next to me, looked very serious as she said,


“Shia must be very busy then.”

“Yes. The responsibility of being a chief must be great.”


I agreed. Luchila nodded. She would also be chief one day.

Well, Luchila hadn’t inherited the position officially, but as the only survivor, it would have to happen.

She probably had very mixed feelings about it.


As Serulis and Luchila were guests, they sat near the head of the table along with me and Kathe.

Of course, as Lord Gerberga was the God Fowl, he sat between me and Kathe.

Grulf was also treated as a guest. Spirit beasts were very special for the beastkin wolves.


When the feast was finished, Serulis, Luchila, and Kathe went over to where Shia was.

They would rather be with their close friend than fussed over by the chiefs.


I was just about to start playing with Lord Gerberga and Grulf, when the oldest chief called me over.


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