Tensei Kenja – 57

It Was Very Strong


The meeting continued for a few hours before ending.

The guild decided that they would gather Adventurers together and attack.


However, it would take at least five days to form the hunting party.

Had they wanted to make the ideal hunting party, it would have take close to 1 month.

Currently, they were going to take 10 days to gather men to hunt down the Blue Dragon of Delight… But considering the pace at which it grew, that seemed like it would be too late.


“What should we do now?”


Tina asked as she carried her share of the reward.

What indeed…


“I’m going to participate in the hunt. It’s for the best.”


“…But they won’t leave for 10 days. Won’t that be too late?”


“We’ll have to pray that it won’t be.”


Of course, this had already been debated back in the meeting room.

No one truly knew how fast it would grow. But it wasn’t as if they could gather Adventurers together any sooner if they wanted.

So there was nothing to be done.


…Or so I would make them think. In fact, I was thinking about provoking the dragon from afar before joining the hunting party.

If I used the slimes, I could attack it remotely with Hellfire of Obliteration, and then just run away.


Maybe it would be enough. And even if it wasn’t, I would get an idea of what kind of damage it would take.


“It’s true that we are out of options. …Alright. We’ll meet you again if they call us to join the party.”


“But I don’t think they will want us.”


Tina and Lisa said as they returned to their own inn.

This was because this party was called the ‘Advanced Special Hunting Party,’ and there were standards for who was accepted.


In this case, most of them would be at least C-Rank.

That meant that we 3 could be disqualified.


…But who knew how large the dragon would be after 10 days?

If we were really unlucky, it might be fully grown by then and destroy the continent.


I thought about this possibility as I returned to my inn.

If the enemy grew stronger with time, then I should act as soon as possible.


‘Slimes. I want all but one of you to leave the area. I’m going to launch an attack on the dragon.’






Usually, I would have cast a barrier so as to keep the others safe, but the dragon was now in a forest where there were no people.

I could attack it without worrying about anyone.


‘Magic Transfer—Hellfire of Obliteration!’


I felt my MP drop away as the shared vision turned red.

…It felt like it was stronger than before.

There was nothing about damage levels on my status, but perhaps it went up if you killed more monsters.


In any case, the problem was whether or not it was effective…


“It doesn’t seem like it.”


When the Blue Dragon of Delight appeared in the flames and smoke, it was practically unharmed.

Parts of its body were burned, but they were very light, and its movements hadn’t slowed at all.


Still, it seemed to be quite annoyed now, and the dragon roared as it tried to find its attacker.

Clearly, it did not know where the slime was.

But who would have suspected that such flames could come from a slime?


…That was fine, but I wanted to know how effective it had been.

I could see the HP status on most monsters, but it seemed to be hidden with the Blue Dragon.

I didn’t know why, but perhaps mythological monsters were exceptions.


However, it would make it much easier to fight if I could see its HP.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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