Tensei Kenja – 91

I Was Right


The two members of Blue Moon of Salvation were already dead.

But from what I could see, nothing had happened yet.


But…the slimes’ magic detection ability was telling me that deep underground, immense magical energy was rumbling.

This was—bad.


“Anti-physical Barrier, Anti-magic Barrier…”


I put up additional layers of barriers while also looking for other types.

The barriers I had up now were the ones that I had used against the Blue Dragon of Delight.

I knew that they were very strong.


But…I had a bad feeling. And so I continued to search for other barriers.

Even while I did this, the energy under the village of Meshias was getting bigger and bigger. It was pushing itself out of the ground.


And just when it was about to reach the surface…

I finally found another barrier.


There was no time to check to see what kind of barrier it was.

I already had over 100 barriers up. Surely there could be no harm in adding a few more.


I thought as I created the new barrier over my other ones.


“…Suppression Isolation Barrier.”


As soon as I chanted this, I felt the energy drain from my body all at once.

This…might have been worse in terms of MP depletion than even Hellfire of Death.

My current stats could manage it, but it really wasn’t magic that I should be using without thinking…


As I thought this, the barrier began to form.

However, it was very different from any barrier I had used before.


Most barriers were transparent, and you could see what was happening outside.

However, with this one, it blocked out almost all the light. It was as if I had been covered in a black box.

Still, you could see a little if you looked hard enough.


—I could see that the center of Meshias Village was starting to shine.

It looked like the ‘Flames that Purified All’ had activated.


First, everything in the village that was burnable went up into flames.

At the same time, shock waves erupted from the fire, and everything else was blown away.

Trees burned ferociously as they flew through the air.


I could hear that dozens of my Anti-physical Barriers were shattering.

Even the Magic Reflect Barriers and Anti-magic Barriers were breaking.


—And then a little while later, the floors of the buildings began to melt from the heat.

Even through the ‘Suppression Isolation Barrier,’ you could see what was happening. That’s how bright the flames were.


It almost felt blinding at times.

I was starting to think my eyes would have gotten damaged if I had only used a normal barrier.


‘This is bad!’


‘I’m scared! The magic!’


The slimes that could detect it seemed even more scared than me.

I could sense the immense waves of magic through Shared Senses.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. So, something like a nuke, but taking effect in a slower way. Since it brakes both physical and magical barriers, it might be something else, or a combination with a lot of energy behind. But enough about that, cute pudding slimes are adorable even when scared.

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