Tensei Kenja – 91



Job: Tamer, Sage


Skills: Taming, Light Magic, Shadow Magic, Fire Magic, Water Magic, Earth Magic, Thunder Magic, Wind Magic, Time-space Magic, Special Magic, Great Magic, Familiar Magic, Support Magic, Altering Magic, Ultra Combat Arts.


Attributes: None


HP: 320/3215

MP: -320021/7814



My remaining HP was less than 10%.

My MP was also below 0, so that meant I would lose HP every time I used magic.


I wanted to make more barriers, but it would be dangerous to use more magic now.

I would just have to pray that my current barriers would be enough.


“…How powerful is this…”


The ground under Meshias Village was already melted and steaming.

Everything around my barrier was now dozens of centimeters below me.


There was no longer anything that had a recognizable shape.

There was just melted rock and smoke.


‘The Flames that Purified All.’


All of my first barriers were now gone.


The barrier that lasted the longest was the Magic Reflect Barrier, but each one could barely last 3 seconds.

There were only a few more, then I would only have the Suppression Isolation Barrier left.


“Please don’t break…”


There would be no point in trying to run away in this situation.

We would evaporate within seconds if all the barriers were gone.


As I watched on in horror, the final Magic Reflect Barrier shattered.

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  1. If it gets worse, then Yuji should remember about those ultra special potions, and try one. But, since that last barrier used THAT much mana, it will most likely stop the explosion. It does have the “suppression” in the name, so…
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation as always! God bless you!

  2. Sometimes these stories lack a bit of sense..
    They use an attack to erase a small village that is way more powerful than the one from a dragon that can annihilate a continent… ?!? WTF..
    Why do they bother with the cursed stone.. just destroy all the city with this spell..
    Thanks for the chap by the way 😋

    • You’ve got to remember that the dragon wasn’t full grown or at full strength so it’s continent annihilation magic would have been far stronger than anything he faced.

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