Jack of all Trades – 197

Black Wolf, The Loup-Garou


“So…figuring out what led to all of this can come later.”


The Loup-garou should have been dead. But not only was it alive, but it had evolved… While this had no precedent, it didn’t mean it was impossible. That was the kind of world this was.


Still, it was going to deal with the consequences of hurting Daniela.


“It was a good thing I accepted Rachel’s offer…”


The unique skill, ‘Eyes of the God Wolf.’ It was the eyes of the Fenrir that drank in the world. In other words, eyes that had seen the world. Eyes of the God Wolf that see through the world. All-seeing eyes.


“…I found you.”


The last time I had seen it, it was a silver wolf that was covered in blood. However, it was now a black wolf. Its coat had changed color. It was as if I could see the hatred that caused it to evolve.

And now, this black wolf, the Loup-garou, was walking by a river that ran through the forest. It was still bleeding badly, contaminating the water with its blood.


“That won’t be drinkable for a while.”


I had yet another reason to kill it quickly.


I turned around. Saragi and his men were on their way to the town. I could barely see the last of them now. When I was sure they were far away, I hid in the shadow of a tree and got changed.


Once that was done, I pondered on what weapon to use. A greatsword seemed like the best option. However, my enemy was a forest wolf. It would at least be as fast as I was. No, it could be faster now that it has evolved. And so the greatsword was really no option at all.

So was the spear. Yes, it was a good weapon, but I wasn’t confident in my ability to wield it yet. If I couldn’t react instantly, it would only mean my death. It was out of the question.

My one-handed sword and the short sword. I could dual-wield them. And I knew that I was good at it. However, the short sword’s range might be a problem. And so I put them aside.


“Well…by process of elimination…”


On the left side of my belt hung the Glampanzer. And on the right was the Ancient Elf Sword. The hardest demon blade and the strongest sword.


I would duel-wield them. Jack of all Trades, Master of None told me that this was the best way. And I knew I could fight with them.


As for the Ancient Elf blade, I had once used the Appraisal Glasses on them back at the inn.


‘Forest Sword of Greenstar Steel: A sword made by the elves. As the process of creating it was done entirely by magic, the method has been lost.’


It read. Apparently, greenstar steel was some kind of alloy made from meteorite and greenstone that was supposed to have fallen from the sky in ancient times. I had never heard of them before, but I suppose they were just what you’d call ‘fantasy stone.’ The other weapons were made of the same thing. It made me curious about how they were made, but there was no use trying to find out.


Enough about that. It was not important. First, I had to kill the Loup-garou.


This sword would carry my hate and regret as it cuts through him. And then it will all be over.




I took in a deep breath as the platinum and green wind enveloped my legs. I took one step forward and suddenly everything rushed passed me in a flash. Then I stepped on the air and launched myself into the sky so I could look down at the forest. I immediately saw the river. I followed it until…


“The Loup-garou…!”


I could see that it walked unsteadily. But it also turned to glare at me with defiance. Was it Presence Detection or its sense of smell? I didn’t really care. And so I unsheathed my two swords so that I could kill it as soon as possible.





I swung with the demon sword in my right hand, all of my strength went into it as I aimed for its neck. However, the black wolf had the power of the wind around its four legs, and it moved away as if sliding on the ground. The wind it used was black and gold.

But what might have been a bright, glorious gold-color, seemed to be dark and dull as mud. It probably shouldn’t have been called gold, but I wasn’t sure what else to call it.


“What you did to her…!”



I pursued the retreating Loup-garou and slashed with the forest sword. The tip of it nicked the wolf’s nose. It cried at the cut to a sensitive area, but it was not much of an addition to the wounds he already had.


I try to close in on him, but I struggle with controlling the strength of the wind. When I try to go behind him, I end up creating a large gap between us.


“Damn it! I shouldn’t do things I’m not used to!”


Angrily, I unleashed ‘Frostsword: Straight Shot.’ As it was done in frustration, my aim wasn’t the best, and it landed on the ground in front of the wolf.


But it at least ended up interfering with his next attack, as he was just about to move forward.

And I wasn’t stupid enough to let him go unpunished.


Once again, I used Jack of all Trades, Master of None to calculate quickly and control the wind. And when I sent the power to my legs and kicked the earth, I was able to move to the exact spot that I had wanted. Perhaps my AGI helped it calculate faster.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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