Jack of all Trades – 197




I swung the sword in my left hand upwards. There was a flash of green, and then all three of the wolf’s tails were severed.




Without waiting for a second, I swung down with the same sword. However, there was an explosion of wind before my sword made contact, and I was thrown back.




And then I felt a piercing pain in my left eye. I couldn’t open it. When I put my left hand against it, I could feel the wetness of blood dripping down. I had likely been hit by a wind blade.


“Damn it…”


I used Legs of the God Wolf to move away and then forced my eye to open. Everything looked red, but I could still see. At least my eyeball had not been cut. But perhaps I’d had have scar…


“Daniela was wounded badly. It’s only fair that I take a few hits.”


Daniela’s body was so beautiful. I could take just as much.


“Still, it just had to be my eye…I can’t bloody see.”


The haziness would be dangerous for me. And so I just had to keep that eye closed until I was better.


And so my right eye searched for the black wolf. It was still whining in pain. The gold wind was gone. It was naked. It was my chance.


I sent strength to my legs again. The whirl of wind was so fast that I could hear high-frequency like sounds as the speed rose. But I could still control it. By using all of my power.


And then suddenly, there was silence. But I could still see the violent wind moving around me. It had reached a point where human ears could no longer detect it. I see. This was the power of the God Wolf.


I glared at the Loup-garou. It rose through its pain and glared back at me. I had spent too much time controlling the wind. He had activated his own as well.


I looked down. The black wolf looked up.


It was the black wolf that moved first. It stepped on the air and lept. I could see black fire in his open jaws. It must have been its unique skill. I did not want to be hit by it.


As I watched him come, Jack of all Trades, Master of None finished its calculations. The timing and how to move during and after the attack. The effect on my surroundings. I saw everything.


“It’s finished!”



The flames from its mouth got caught in the wind and burned upwards. Then it enveloped him. The Black wolf.


And towards its huge body, I swung both swords at once. At the same time, I created an Ice Sword with all of the magic within me. It wouldn’t break or bend. It was sharp and would freeze anything it touched. If I had to name it, I would call it Niflheim. It was a cool name…


Three swords as a single hit.


“‘Kamiyashiro-style: Final Frost Triple Threat’!!”


The Niflheim caused it to freeze in an instant. At the same time, the two flashes of the blades split the body into three. And then, death.

Frozen blood held the three pieces together, but not its life. The Loup-garou had no strength in it as it crashed to the ground. Frozen shards of blood scattered.


The wind of the God Wolf also slammed me onto the ground. Several tree branches cushion the fall, but it didn’t do much to kill the moment as I skidded away. It was according to plan.

In the end, I crashed into a tree and stopped.


“It’s fine…yes…”


I coughed up blood and managed to stand up and lean against the tree. I was quite far from it now… However, I had killed it. It hadn’t killed her. But I still had a grudge.

The slash over my left eye stung badly. My body also felt as if it had been whipped. That must have been the tree branches. Everything hurt.

I could feel my consciousness fading already. It would be easy enough to give in here, but there were things that needed to be done first.


And so I moved through the pain and stood up. Then I sheathed my two swords and started to walk towards the Loup-garou.

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  1. Continue chopping it up even when dead. Hold a grudge until you can’t even cut it up anymore. Making anything out of that piece of shit is useless unless you suppress that fucker’ rage with your own rage.

  2. This author keeps on writing up dumb scenarios. He put a dragon in his bag, why wouldn’t he have put the Beowulf corpse in his bag and headed back to the town with Daniella? Instead of leaving her next to a bloody corpse in the middle of a forest in a world full of monsters? It’s beyond dumb. They would have found it wasn’t dead at that point, so this whole plot wouldn’t have happened. Making your Mc into an idiot just to create plots is absurd.

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