10 Years After – 166


It roared in surprise.


“It’s mine once it hits the ground.”

I jumped towards it with the Devil King Sword.

The giant evil dragon did not defend. It thrashed its arms to attack.

The sharp claws rushed towards me.

I too did not defend. I would let them hit me.


“Mister Locke!”

Dorgo cried frantically.




There was a loud echo when the dragon’s claws hit me.

And it was the claws that shattered.

This was because of the aggressive barrier I had learned from the Vampire High Lord.



The giant evil dragon looked like it had no idea what had happened.

It was my chance. And so I cut off its left arm and left leg.



The giant evil dragon let out a scream.


“I’m surprised you dodged it.”

I had actually been aiming for its neck.


Just then, a vampire appeared next to me.

It tried to touch me, but then its arm got blown off.


“Were you not watching just a moment ago?”

I took off its head with the Devil King Sword.

However, my attention was briefly away from the giant evil dragon.



“Breath again. How boring.”


Perhaps it didn’t like being insulted, because this time it shot out magic bullets as well as poison breath.

I blocked it with a barrier and shot out another ten magic spears towards it.


The magic spears hit the giant evil dragon’s barrier.



Like before, nine of the spears were stopped by the five layers of the dragon’s barrier.

However, the last one went through and made a big hole in the evil dragon’s body.


“I stole this magic from your god. Feels good, doesn’t it?”


I had used Dark Ray, which I had learned from the Evil God’s head. Only I had disguised it to look like magic spears.

In other words, it was the magic of their god. It was very powerful. Even a giant evil dragon would not be able to bear it.



The Vampire High Lord called out in shock. I wanted to kill him as quickly as possible.

However, the giant evil dragon was still moving.


And so I swung the Devil King Sword down and cut off its head. Then I pierced its heart.

Finally, the giant evil dragon stopped moving.


Then I turned to face the Vampire High Lord.

He immediately started to turn into a mist in an attempt to escape.


“I won’t let you get away!”

The Devil King Sword slashed through the mist.



The High Lord wailed. And parts of the mist turned into ash.

However, most of him managed to escape.

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