10 Years After – 225


Kathe had been digging a hole with her claws. She looked up happily at us and wagged her tail.

She would have to fill that hole up again before we left.

But first, we had to finish reinforcing the walls.


“Sorry to keep you waiting. Let’s move on to the next part.”

“Yes! I know what to do.”

“And when we’re done, there’s something we need to tell you.”

“I can listen while we work.”

“Right. We can do that then. Still, as we are outside, we don’t know who might be listening in.”


It wasn’t a good idea to speak of secrets outside.

And so I decided to use telepathy magic.

Kathe, Shia, Nia, Serulis, Luchila, Grulf and Lord Gerberga were also connected to it.


‘Okay, let’s talk. Several of the mansions were attacked by dark wraiths.’

‘What! And were they able to defeat them?’


Kathe was familiar with using telepathy, and so it went smoothly.

However, Serulis, Lord Gerberga, and Grulf shuddered when we connected.

Shia, Nia, and Luchila continued working as if it were nothing.


I had talked to Nia, Grulf, and Kathe like this before.

However, it was the first time for the others. So they were very surprised.

Still, Shia had been an Adventurer for a long time, so she would have used it at some point.

As for Luchila, she was a powerful sorceress, so she would be able to use Telepathy herself.


‘Grulf. We’ve used this before…’



Grulf’s ears and tail drooped in shame.

I patted him on the head to cheer him up.


‘Well, you’ll get used to it. So, Kathe. They were able to drive the dark wraiths away.’

‘That’s good. So it means all our hard work has paid off.’

‘Indeed. We don’t know when they might try to attack this place, so we should hurry.’


And so we worked as quickly as possible.


When we were about halfway finished…


The magic tool’s alarm went off.

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