10 Years After – 15

Settling the Goblin Matter


After gathering all of the spoils, we talked about how to divide them.

Ario, Josh and I were from the same party, so there was nothing to discuss.

But it was necessary to talk to Shia about it.


“I only need the spoils from the Vampire Lord.”

“But then…”


Ario looked a little confused at this.

Shia had helped a lot with the goblin hunting.

He felt that they would be taking too much if they took all of it.


Shia saw that we hesitated, and she said:


“After all, Mister Locke helped me kill the Vampire Lord.”

“But Shia. It was you who actually killed him.”

“Alright, then can I have this broadsword?”


Shia said as she raised the sword into the air.

It was a badly made broadsword from the goblin spoils.


“Of course, you can take that. But…”

“It was a great help when you let me borrow it after my sword broke. This sword and the spoils from the Vampire Lord are all that I need.”

“Are you sure about that?”


Josh asked her with a worried expression.

She smiled.


“I am sure.”

“Then we’ll accept your kind offer.”

“I hoped that you would.”


And so we decided on how to split it.

Which made things go smoothly. And we quickly finished dividing everything.

After that, I looked down at the spoils and muttered.


“There are 50 magic stones from the goblins.”

“That’s a lot.”

“It’s too bad that the reward money for the quest will be the same in spite how many we killed.”


Josh and Ario said.


“The reward won’t change, but it’ll influence their decision in promoting you.”

“Is that true? That’s nice.”


We talked about this as we carried the goblin corpses outside.

50 corpses. It was very hard work.

Even with Shia’s help, it took us 2 hours.


We gathered the bodies together and burned them.

If you didn’t burn or bury them, they would rot and cause stench and diseases to spread.

And sometimes they would lure hungry monsters as well.

It was an Adventurer’s responsibility to deal with them.


And then we returned to the village in order to make a report of our mission completion before leaving.

Shia decided to go back with us to the royal capital.


It was necessary to camp outside on the way. It was a long journey.

Once the gates of the capital came into view, Ario said:


“That adventure took us three days and two nights. It was a good one.”

“Yes, a good adventure.”


Josh also looked very satisfied. They had killed goblins and saved a village.

It had raised their confidence as well.


We entered the royal capital and went straight to the guild.

This was in order to report the quest completion and to submit the proof of the hunt.


Shia was also there in order to make a report about killing the Vampire Lord.


The girl at the desk looked at us and smiled.


“I am glad to see that you are safe.”

“We killed a lot of goblins.”


I said and submitted the magic stones.

She looked surprised as the pile of stones grew larger.


“That really is a lot… Huh? No, that is really, really a lot.”


The pile kept getting taller.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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