10 Years After – 15


When all 50 were finally on her desk, the lady froze.

They weren’t the best quality, but it was impressive when you had this many of them.


When she finally returned to herself, she turned around and shouted.

“Someone! Ple-please help me!”

“What is it?”


A senior guild worker arrived.

He looked at the mass of magic stones with surprise.


“What’s this?”


Ario saw the shock on his face and replied with a smug expression.


“We went on a goblin hunting quest, but the pack was a little bigger than what we had expected.”

“There’s hobgoblins…and goblin magicians. And this…is it…no. A goblin lord?”


Asked the senior guild worker.

He was able to identify the different goblin types by the sizes and qualities of the stones.


“You got that right.”


I say, and he gasped.


“…Please follow me.”

He says, and we were led to the back.


It was not the same room that Goran had led me to on my first day in the royal capital.

We were told to take a seat and were then questioned.


“I would like to hear the details.”

“Uh, yes…”


I did not mix in any lies and gave him a truthful explanation.


“You were able to kill a goblin lord?”

“I had help from Shia, who is a B Rank Adventurer…”

“I see… That was very fortunate for you.”


The senior guild worker looked very serious as he scribbled this into the documents.

Once the questioning was done, he said:


“Since you killed so many of them, the guild would like to offer you a special bonus.”


“That would be a great help.”


Ario and Josh looked ecstatic.

The reward money and bonus combined meant that we would receive 100,000 rucks each.

And if we sold the spoils from the goblins, that would be around 130,000 rucks.


We left the room and Ario said:

“130,000 is great for killing some goblins.”

“I’ll be able to live off of this for a while.”


Apparently, both Ario and Josh were poor.

Just then, Shia came out of a different room.


“Did you finish too then?”

“Yes. The guild is also going to act in regards to the Vampire Lord matter.”

“That’s great.”


Then Shia looked at all of us.


“Since we’re all here, why don’t we go out and eat together!”

“Oh, I like that!”

“Wonderful. You’ll come too, won’t you Locke?”

“Yes, I’ll accompany you.”


And so we went to a nearby tavern.

That night, we stayed up late eating and drinking.

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