Tensei Kenja – 109

Water Magic Was Useful



One hour after that.

After we finished searching the area where the Blue Lesser Fire Dragon had been, we returned to Boguinea.

Ultimately, there had only been the one other Blue Lesser Fire Dragon. Still, it was said that it often took years for one to be killed, and yet we had killed two in one day. So I couldn’t complain.


“…We’ve gathered quite a lot.”


I said as I looked into my bag of Lesser Fire Dragon gemstones.

As we had stored their entire bodies, I had taken out the gemstones alone and put them into this bag just before leaving.


There were 287 normal gemstones and 2 from the Blue Lesser Fire Dragons.

The ones from the Blue Lesser Fire Dragons were blue, just like the monsters.




‘We killed so many of them!’


We talked about it as we headed for the guild.

I wanted to have the armor finished as soon as possible, but it seemed like a good idea to complete the quests first.


I entered the guild, and thankfully, there were no other Adventurers in there besides me.

Maybe this wasn’t the time that most normal Adventurers returned.


It would be good to finish everything before they came back.


“I’d like to report the completion of some quests… All of these.”


I said as I put the stack of paper on the counter.

They were all for hunting Lesser Fire Dragons.


“Y-you…did all of them!?”


“Yeah. …At least, I think I did. Could you check them?”


I asked her and then watched her go through them.

The guild had a special system in place that allowed them to confirm whether or not a quest had actually been completed.


“You…you really did complete them!”


She said in surprise as she looked at the crystal ball on the counter.

I didn’t know how it worked, but apparently, it was able to tell.

It was quite useful, given that it processed so many quests at once.


“Would you mind me asking…what method did you use?”


“I used my slimes to carry the water.”


…It wasn’t exactly a lie.

After all, I was using Magic Transfer to carry water for Water Discharge to the slimes.


“With the slimes… I have only ever seen novice Tamers bring them to a fight… Are slimes well equipped to take on Lesser Fire Dragons?”


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. Yeah, just a couple hundred normal stones. They came from just normal run-of-the-mill 30m long fire dragons (lesser in this case). No biggie. Yuij just dropped common sense in the forest, head first.

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