Tensei Kenja – 109


“…Well, my slimes are a little different. It might be harder if you had normal slimes.”


I denied her words while petting the slime.

…I would feel bad if someone tried to fight a Lesser Fire Dragon without Water Discharge. The slimes would just end up being evaporated.


“Special slimes… I was wondering why it was so big. But I suppose it’s because your slime is special!”




We chatted a little until the quest completion process was finished.


According to the quests, I was to hunt 202 of them—so the reward money amounted to 50 million cicols.

That meant 250,000 per dragon.


And at the guild, they bought 1 gemstone for 50,000 cicols.


It seemed pretty high for a D-Rank monster.

Besides, you were able to accept these quests at F-Rank.


“Aren’t Lesser Fire Dragons D-Rank? Why is the rewards money so high?”


“Ah, that. The reason that it is so high, is because Lesser Fire Dragons are very harmful.”




They seemed like monsters that were really good for gathering materials to me… What did she mean by harmful?


“Yes. …They cause volcanic eruptions and burn villages. Sometimes, they destroy entire fields. That’s why there are so many hunting requests. Though, not many people want to accept them…”


I see.

So Lesser Fire Dragons were pests.

And they needed to be exterminated.


“There is another reason that the reward is so high… It’s because hunting Lesser Fire Dragons usually requires a lot of people.”




“After all, you need to carry a lot of water all the way to the hunting grounds… They usually just hire a lot of E-Rank and F-Rank Adventurers to do it. So there needs to be a high reward or they won’t be able to break even.”


It sure seemed tough if you didn’t have water magic.

So that was why they allowed F-Rankers to take the quest.

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  1. Yeah, I think that’s a bad idea, sending a small army of noobs with buckets of water to hunt lesser fire dragons. Just, feels very dangerous. Do they not have any kind of water magic skills or tools? Even a simple water pump (to ‘shoot’ water without magic). Idk, this feels like stone-age stuff, it’s sad.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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