Jack of all Trades – 76

Vengeful Slave

“It’s been too long, Black Rabbit.”


The voice was from the man who had mocked me to no end in Fhiraldo. The result of which was him and his gang being sent to the mines by Russell.

I decided not to answer him. We had nothing to do with each other anymore. Yes, there was a history. But, Russell had put an end to all of it. Only an idiot would get involved with them now.


“You’ve got some nerve, ignoring me like that…”


I could almost hear his teeth grinding. Nighteyes allowed me to see well in the dark, and so I could see his tight grip on the pickaxe, see that he was readying himself to swing.

We were at the highest point. There were no bonfires, nowhere to run. The only way to escape this was the stairs that he was now blocking. I would have to break through somehow. However, I could sense that several others were climbing the stairs. It seemed like the other Adventurers that had been with him were monitoring me. Quite free for forced laborers, no? Who was in charge here?


“This is where you die.”


The pickaxe was raised and then swung down towards me. I didn’t have my equipment, which meant no AGI boost. But I could still dodge him. Thankfully, I didn’t survive all of this time by relying on equipment alone. General maneuvers were not a problem for me. I retreated to the side of the bastard’s pickaxe, then to his back. I had my opening, and I slipped away.




I ignore him and run. With a vault, I fly over the heads of the former Adventurers who were hiding in the shadows. Then I kick the wall to turn around the corner. Shouts of rage come from behind me. But I don’t slow down for a second as I pass them, descend the stairs, and jump out into the main road. The sounds of hurried footsteps follow me as I dash back to the bar. I needed to ask the bar owner about the location of the guard house. They could take care of it from there.


“Where did he go? Damn it!”


I can hear their voices as they search, they were loud enough that I hoped someone would hear it and report this uprising. But I had to be sure, and so I would do it myself. And so I ran to the bar inn.


The door opens with my room 303 key. I don’t know how. The door swings open and the floor is empty. No sounds, no lights. Quiet. Had he gone to sleep? It was just as I was considering where to go and look for him when someone came down the stairs.


“Oh, it’s you, young man. What are you doing?”

“Busty broad!”

“Who are you calling busted!”


It was she who had come down the stairs. She was wearing very thin underwear and nothing else.

I was once again thankful to have the Nighteyes skill.


“I need to ask you something.”

“How about you call me by my actual name first!”

“But, I don’t know it.”

“Oh, I see. I am Lisa. And?”

“I’m Asagi. And uh, I need to ask you something. Where is the guard house?”

“Guard house?”


Busty Broad Lisa looked at me suspiciously.


“I’m being chased by slaves.”

“Well, the thing is…no, I do not need to tell you. Nothing good will happen by getting involved. Yes, the guard house. Go straight to the north of this road and turn to the right on the third crossing. There is a big building there that is the guard house.”

“Thank you!”


She was ultimately rather nice and helpful, and so I thanked her before rushing right out of the door once again. I was just about to head for the guard house, but stopped.


“Ahh, Black Rabbit. We meet again.”


“Get him!!”


The former Adventurers had surrounded the building. This was going to be hard to break through. They all came at me with their pickaxes. I could only dodge so many attacks. Without any choice, I create an ice sword and block the vicious attacks.


“Damn… He is using magic now…”

“It’s nothing! Surround him!”


And with that, several of them move behind me. I can barely keep track of them as I push back at the pickaxe from the front. This was not going well… But I could make it, as long as I could break through this wall. And so I pushed the former Adventurer who was in front of me back and attempted to make a run for it.



Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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