Jack of all Trades – 76


“Asagi! Look out!”



Someone had rammed into a former Adventurer who was behind me. I can see that he had his pickaxe raised as he rolls to the ground. I would have been hit. And I also see that it was none other than Lisa who had saved me.


“Who the hell are you! Get out of our way!”



One of the former Adventurers throws his pickaxe at her. It would be more than a light scratch if it hit her. Her hands were covering her face, but she was not quick enough to move. I had to do something.

There were no other options. This had only happened because I was careless. I would use ‘Legs of the Forest Wolf’ and kick their heads in!



A violent wind of green and silver swirls around me, pushing the former Adventurers back. The speed of the Forest Wolf is faster than the pickaxe, and it is knocked out of its trajectory by my ice sword.


“Are you hurt? Lisa!”

“You, you…!”

“Get inside!”



I push her through the door and slam it shut. All would be fine if she locked the door. You needed the right key to enter, or the security measures would activate. She would be safe.


“You… I would have taken it easy on you if it was just me. But if you harm other innocents, just like the first time, I won’t hold back!”

“Do you really think you can take on this number, Black Rabbit!?”


The slaves encircle me once again. I was almost sorry to say it, but their numbers meant nothing to me. It didn’t matter how numerous they were, this would end in a second. No one could stop the speed of the Forest Wolf. However, this skill wasn’t only about speed. There was a use that I had first discovered through Jack of all Trades, Master of None.


“If you’re in my way, I’ll break right through you!”


I throw a kick into the first slave who approaches. The wind cuts into him like a blade. This was the other thing that Legs of the Forest Wolf could do.


“Ggah! Aghh!!”


Blood sprayed over the ground as the wounded slave fell. Still, the others did not stop. They were like crazed boars. But their pickaxes would not reach me. There was no reason to even block anymore. With accelerated speed, I slip through them and cut at the tendons of their bare feet with my ice sword. Another falls to the ground, now immobile. Some seemed to have come to their senses by the time the fourth one fell. And they began to run.

But I wouldn’t let them go.

It was easy to catch up, easy to block their flailing attacks and move around them. And cut at their tendons like I did the others.

They scatter like the spawn of spiders, but they can’t outrun me. I catch up to each one and make sure that they can no longer escape before going to the next. Some tried to hide in narrow passageways, but I just kicked the air and searched from above. With my Nighteyes I search. Now, the last one. It was the bastard leader. Presence Detection tells me that he had run to the highest point on the east side. Legs of the Forest Wolf allow me to fly up, ignoring the steps.


And there was the leader. Somehow, he had found a double-edged sword.


“Damn, damn-damn it! What is he…he was just the Black Rabbit…damn!”


He was glaring at the stairs and cursing. He had not noticed that I was right behind him. I just needed to put him down and it would all be over.


“It wasn’t supposed to be like this…! It was all his fault… His…!”

“It was entirely you and your men’s fault. This happened because you lay a hand on Daniela.”



The bastard leader looked back in a panic. His shock at seeing me in the air is so strong that he cannot make a noise. His mouth opens and closes like a fish, but he is otherwise, frozen. It’s easy to strike the sword out of his hand. It flies away without resistance, bouncing off the wall and falling behind me. Which meant that it fell right out of the building.


“You, you…”

“The same fate awaits you.”


I reach out and grab him by the collar. He tears at my arm and flails, but it’s not enough to best my raised STR. Well, it wasn’t as high as Daniela’s, but I knew it was more than enough here. It was enough for this bastard Adventurer.

I turned around in the opposite direction, my feet land on the rim of the building. Now there is nothing beneath the bastard’s feet.


“You would have been free in ten years if you just worked here quietly. But you wasted your chance. You all did. If you have to hate something, hate your own stupidity.”

“Wa-wait. I was wrong! But…!”
“It’s too late. It’s all too late.”


I said. And then I let go.


“No-no, nooooooooooooooooo…!!!!”

It was a bungee jump without a cord. His scream echoed throughout the city as he descended head first. It was fear itself. He would truly understand it. How thoughtless his actions had been.


And so I too shot down towards the ground. Even if I wanted to kill him, I had no intention of doing so. Legs of the Forest Wolf can accelerate faster than anyone. The boost from the silver and green wind allows me to reach the ground before him, and kick up into the falling bastard leader. But this time the wind around my feet acts as a cushion. He had fainted from the fear and the shock. His limp body rolls to the ground.


And now that was everyone. All of the former Adventurers that Russell had sent here by my request. They were all a hopeless bunch. I had hesitated when it came to execution at the time. If that could be avoided, then I preferred that they were sent to the mines. Russell had warned me of this softness being exploited. And I feel like that is exactly what had happened.

And so I think, as I gather the slaves in the public square and bind them with ice magic.


Had I been wrong to make that decision?

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  1. anyone else taking lisa’s warning as someone’s letting these slaves do what they want in exchange for money or something and thats why she said what she said when he asked about the guard house?

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