10 Years After – 118

Talking with Kathe


I would just have to inspect the machine later.


“Kathe. I’m sorry, but I’ll have to borrow this machine. I have to take a better look at it.”

“Hmmm. But ruins should be left as they are…”

“But if I did, then don’t you think the vampires will come back for it? If they do, they’ll cause even more mischief.”

“Hmmm. I suppose you are right. But be very careful with it.”

“I know.”


And so I put the machine back into my magic bag.

Kathe watched me do this and sighed.


“Well, I suppose it will be fine, since you understand the importance of protecting cultural property.”

“Kathe. Do you know any other ruins with similar machines?”

“Most ruins don’t have anything, but there are a few that have machines, yes.”

“The same one?”

“…I don’t know.”


Kathe didn’t know.

You couldn’t really tell by just looking at it.

I wouldn’t know what to do either.


“Kathe. There is a possibility that goblins, no, vampires will come and invade more ruins.”

“…That would be very unwelcome.”

“You’ll have to go around and cast concealment magic.”

“Oh, right. Can you check to see if there are any flaws in my magic?”

“I don’t mind.”

“Thank you.”


And so Kathe cast concealment magic on the ruins.

As it was dragon magic, it was a little different to my magic.

Still, I could see that it was quite powerful.


“That was very impressive, Kathe.”

“Gahahaha! Do you think so?”

“Yes. Splendid concealment magic. It would be hard to find even if someone was searching for magic energy.”


“Yes. The vampires will have no easy task ahead of them.”

“Gahahaha! I see, I see.”


Kathe laughed happily.


“…So, why were they able to invade this ruin? The magic I cast before was the same as the one I cast now.”

“Probably because they saw it with their eyes.”


“A dragon flying high in the sky won’t be able to find it, but people searching on the ground depend on visual information as well.”


It was difficult to see the entrance from above.

And so as long as you didn’t detect any magic, it would be fine.

However, it was visible enough for humans and goblins that walked on the ground.


“Oh, I see…”


Kathe had a tendency to only think from the perspective of a dragon.


“So in cases like these…you should…”


I cast concealment magic that affected your vision as well.


“I see. That is very good!”

“You understand how to do it now?”

“Yes. I will deactivate it and start from the beginning. You deactivate yours, Locke.”



I erased mine and Kathe’s magic at the same time.


“I-I was about to deactivate my own magic…”
“Oh, sorry.”

“No, nevermind. I am just shocked that you did that to my magic so quickly.”

“I see.”


I should have been more thoughtful.


“Now, I will try again.”


Kathe cast concealment magic on the ruins once again.

This time it was also hidden from the eye.


“How is it?”


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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    • Wdym?? What time skip?? U mean the ten year time skip at the beginning??

      Personally I just wish the author would get on with the story instead of adding all this meaningless filler

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