10 Years After – 118


“It looks good. Nia. What do you think?”

“Yes, I don’t think I would be able to find it.”

“See? Kathe. You can breathe easy now.”

“That’s good… But I’m sure you’d deactivate it in a second, Locke.”

“Mister Locke is special!”


Nia said to Kathe.


“Yes, he is. He is a human who was able to beat me, after all.”

“He also beat the vampires.”



And then I asked Kathe,


“Kathe. Is the invader detection spell still activated?”

“Hmm. Yes, it is.”

“That’s good.”


“I am planning on flying around now and casting my magic.”

“I see. You should do that.”

“And I will call you again if something happens.”

“That’s very…kind of you…Kathe…but…”



Kathe’s head tilted to the side.


“Don’t call me like you did earlier.”


“Screaming towards the capital. Calling my name.”

“Huh? But is it not convenient? You understand it immediately. And you even came right away.”


That was all that mattered to Kathe. But it would be very bad if this happened again.


And so I explained it carefully.

A dragon’s roar might shock the people of the capital.

This could result in the army being sent out.

Or an emergency request at the Adventurers Guild.


“Oh, that sounds quite bad.”


Kathe said as if this had nothing to do with us.


“Perhaps you are not afraid of a human army, but this would be a great matter for the humans.”

“That is not true. They have those things. Ballista? That they bring out? Those things can hurt.”

“I doubt a ballista could take you down, Kathe.”

“Yes, it won’t injure me. But pain is pain.”

“I see.”


Only smaller dragons could be damaged by ballista.


“I’m sure your roar caused a lot of chaos in the city.”

“Hmm. I am sorry about that.”

“And Kathe, you called my name too.”

“Hm? Did I?”

“You did. That is also very bad.”

“I see. I am sorry.”

“So, if you could just use signal fires next time.”

“But Locke, you might not notice if I don’t use my voice. How often are you even looking at the sky?”

“That’s true, but…”

“See! I am right!”


Kathe said excitedly.


“I’ll think about it then. We can meet on the western hill tomorrow at midday. I will think of something by then.”



And with that, Kathe flew away.

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