Realist Demon King – 19

Technicians of a Familiar Race

With my original ideas, Toshizou’s input, and Eve’s organizing, the building plans for the city were complete.


If this city was successfully built, the castle town below Ashtaroth castle would be able to accommodate thousands of people.


This was quite respectable and would mean decent taxes.


The only real problem is that it would take at least half a year to complete.


With so many new people here, there was at least no lack of able workers, but there was one thing that we did lack.

It was technicians.

We had laborers, but not enough architects.


Of course, we tried hiring them, but there were few who would come to such a new Demon King’s castle.


What was I to do?


“The foundation work could be done now. As well as inspecting the ground. You should call new technicians while those are underway.”


Eve says.


“That is true. Well, it is really our only option. However, where can we find technicians?”


“The most brilliant demon technicians are likely already working for other Demon Kings.”


“And humans?”


“Brilliant human technicians would also be working for humans.”


“And demi-humans?”


“That is your only choice.”


“But which of them?”


“Dwarves are renowned for their ability as architects. And as technicians.”


“How many dwarves live in my town?”


“I believe there about ten of them.”


“That is not enough. We need both quality and quantity.”




“But it will take time to call more. Perhaps I should go to them directly and negotiate.”


“In other words, assault their homelands and force them into slavery.”


“Hardly. I told you that I would not make slaves of anyone. I will pay them a visit and request that they relocate.”


“Do you have a plan to persuade them?”


“These dwarves, they are known for their appetite for drink, are they not?”




“Then I will promise to make many wine cellars in the new city. That should do the trick.”


“A master plan. Master.”


I was really just joking, but she looked genuinely in awe. I coughed and continued more seriously.


“…In any case, I want to meet them and talk. I am sure I will have to promise a reward of some sort. However, I can hardly complain if it brings me technicians.”


“Yes, that is good. I believe that you should go here.”


And Eve pulled out a map from her pocket.


“Eve, you had that prepared, knowing full well what my conclusion would be.”


“I have recently begun to understand the way you think, master.”


The maid smiled.


“So there are dwarves living here where you marked.”


“Yes. I have not confirmed it myself yet, but it seems that dwarves have been drifting in lately. I feel that there must be some reason for it.”


“I see. It should be interesting to investigate. In any case, I should give it a look.”


I say, and Eve immediately began to prepare as if she was not incredibly busy already.




I watch her in silence, but then asked after a few minutes,


“What are you doing?”


“Preparing for your journey. I am gathering your belongings now.”


“I can see that, but that bag in your right hand appears to be a woman’s.”


“That is very perceptive of you, master.”


“I’ll take the compliment. But Eve, do you really think that you are coming with me?”


“Master, do you think that you will cook? Wash your own clothes?”


“No. And no.”


“Then I think it best you have someone around you to help.”


“I was thinking of taking some goblin underling as a maid substitute.”


“Those things eat raw river fish. They do not even cook their meat. And they are seen as being obsessively clean by their own kind if they wash their loincloths once a month.”


“…I would be glad to have you accompany me.”


“I am honored.”


I didn’t really want to bring her on a potentially dangerous journey, but she was a demon. She could probably deal with a little danger. And if anything serious did happen, I would just have to rescue her.


I was confident I could obliterate a mere group of human bandits.

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