Realist Demon King – 15

Demon King Sabnac and Toshizou




Sabnac’s face turned red and he bared his fangs.

His plan had been used against him, and this had hurt his pride.


“You can only play such backhanded tricks.”


“Well, I don’t have much choice.”


“However, I doubt that my best soldiers are finished just because of some holes. You just bought yourself some time.”


Indeed, Sabnac’s high kobolds were alive and coming out of the pit that they had fallen in.


“That seems to be the case.”


“Fool. You should have placed sharpened stakes into the ground.”


“I should have. But well, there really was not enough time.”


“That is your great misfortune, as is my speed.”


“But haste can be a bad thing too. I will show you.”


And I gave the command.


“Toshizou, the time has come! Now, destroy those kobolds!”


After hearing this command, Hijikata Toshizou came out of the forest behind Ashtaroth castle.




Demon King Sabnac shouted with shock.


“You are bringing out reinforcements now!?”


“I knew you would try and attack from the rear. So I had something special saved.”




“Yes. It’s a unit that consists mainly of werewolves.”




“You don’t seem to have any in your army. I doubt your high kobolds will be a match for them.”


“That is not true. My high kobolds are the strongest!”


I’m sure they were impressive, but they were up against the wrong enemy.

The kobolds clawed their way to the surface, only to be mercilessly torn to shreds by the werewolves.

Their numbers dwindled rapidly.


“No-no. How can…”


“I’m not sure why you are surprised. It’s only natural.”


There were several reasons why Sabnac would likely lose here in spite of superior numbers.


The pit had caused great confusion.

They were being ambushed from the back.

The werewolf unit was strong.


But most of all, they had a brilliant commander.

Hijikata Toshizou. There was a reason that he was called a Hero.

He was able to command the often difficult werewolves and exterminate the kobolds.

His skill was something to behold, and the high kobolds were dropping like flies.




Sabnac roared. This was the moment that he finally realized that he no longer had the upper hand.

He would have to change his strategy.

I had predicted this.

There were two options that he had now.


Admit defeat, and retreat with what was left of his troops. Or he could continue to use brute force and hope to win.


It was straightforward.

The situation was so dire that it could not be settled between two armies.

And I knew which he would choose.


realist demon king

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