Realist Demon King – 15


Perhaps there really was only one choice after all.


Sabnac would never be able to save face if he retreated to his castle now.

He had been tricked, robbed and then failed to get revenge.

How many monsters would continue to obey him now?

They would probably just slit his throat as he slept.


However, it would be a different story if he could kill me.

His subordinates would sing his praises and submit to his authority as king.

In other words, he really had no choice but to take my head.


I look at his eyes.

The eyes of the lion king were murderous. I could see how bad he wanted me dead.

He looked like he would attack at any moment, and he did not wait long.

However, there was another thing that Sabnac did not know.


Aside from the pit behind Ashtaroth castle and the werewolf soldiers.


The image that we were watching through farsight was not real time either.

It too had a delay. This one for five minutes.


That was plenty of time for my strongest servant, the legendary sword, to arrive.


In a flash, he was between me and the lion king’s sword, his thin blade blocking the impact of the attack.




The sounds of metal on metal echoed loudly.


The Demon King’s sword was imbued with magic and packed an incredible punch, but the man called Hijikata Toshizou accepted it as if it was nothing.


Toshizou smiled undauntedly and said:


“My master did say that he would prepare a battlefield for me to die in. But I did not expect such an extravagant fight so early on.”


“Didn’t I tell you? Working for me will never be boring.”


“Aye, like you promised. Maybe I really will be able to die under the rain of ten thousand arrows.”


“I hope that day will come, but it will not be today.”


“Indeed. I can hardly face Kondo in hell, after being killed by a single cat.”


“So you will call me a cat too!”


Sabnac burned with anger and swung his greatsword again. But Toshizou parried it easily.


His skill as a swordsman was perhaps even more reliable than his skill as a commander.


That is what I thought.

And this man held honor above all else.


He would likely prefer to fight one on one here. And so I decided to offer him that honor.


I told him as much, and he smiled with satisfaction and said, ‘you are very perceptive, master.’


And so the battle between Hijikata Toshizou, the man who was in the group called Shinsengumi, and the Demon King Sabnac, who was known as the Lion King, began.

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