Realist Demon King – 27

A Legendary Demon Lord’s Plan


The dwarves had gathered. And I decided to begin before they were all too drunk.


“The plan I am about to explain to you all is very dangerous. And it will be difficult. If even one of you turns out to be a coward, then it could all fall apart. Those of you who cannot overcome fear, leave now.”


That was how I started. But the dwarves were known for their bravery, and not a single one of them left here.


“Very well. It seems that no dwarves are cowards.”


Understanding this, I raised my own estimate of the plans success rate.

From fifty to seventy percent.

I looked towards Gottlieb and asked for a map of these mines.

He pulled one out of his pocket.

However, a young dwarf came forward and stopped him.


“Chief, that is a treasured map and we are forbidden from showing it to any who are not dwarves. Do you really mean to show it one who we have only just met?”


“It is fine. I have watched this young Demon Lord carefully ever since we met. He had the courage to face Eligos’s minions. I saw the sadness in his eyes when defeating the animated corpses of our friends. And he was kind enough to share his food with our children. Perhaps he is the legendary Demon King.”


Well, it was actually Eve who had given them the cookies.

As I mused on this, Eve questioned the chief.


“And what is this ‘legendary Demon Lord’ you speak of?”


“A Demon Lord who exists in our oral traditions. He would appear in black clothing. A Demon Lord with a gentle heart. A king among kings.

He would be a blessing to not just the dwarves, but all races.”


He said.


Eve listened to this and said,

“Very good, master.”


Saint Jeanne said,

“Impressive, Demon Lord.”


Their passionate eyes were directed towards me. It seemed like it would be rather callous to point out here, that nearly all Demon Lords wore black. So I decided to ignore it.


I did not think it was talking about me, but I did aspire to be a Demon Lord that the dwarves trusted.


I thought this as I looked at the map of the mines.

There were complicated and winding tunnels both narrow and wide.

I searched for a particularly open area.

Once I had found it, I pointed at the spot.


“Chief Gottlieb. Is this area very large?”


“It is certainly wide, but otherwise, no.”


“That is perfect then. This will be our battlefield.”


“Preposterous. This is a dead end. We shall be tapped. We will not be able to escape.”


“Have you ever heard the words, ‘burn one’s boats’?”


“I have. So you want us to fight till the death?”


“No, I am not quite that villainous. This plan is dangerous, but if we succeed, most of us should be alive by the end of it.”


“I do not understand. Sharltar has over one hundred men.”


“We’ll catch them all at once. But first, you must gather your best mine workers and have them dig a hole.”


“A pitfall? Sharltar is too careful for such a thing to work.”


“I wouldn’t try something so childish as that.”


I had a flashback of my battle with Sabnac, but kept quiet about it.


“Additionally, I want you to bring all of the gun powder you have here. It should be set here and here.”


I pointed at the map.


realist demon king

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