10 Years After – 73

Aftermath Part 2


I used Search magic one more time to make sure that I hadn’t missed anything.

After that, I took the mysterious fragment with me and got out of the water.


Ario looked serious as he asked me,


“Did you find something?”

“I found this.”


And then I showed the mysterious object to all of them.

Serulis looked at with an intent expression.


“But what is it?”

“It’s a part of something…”

Josh looked like he had no idea.



Grulf sniffed at it earnestly.


“You don’t know what it is, Mister Locke?”

“I don’t. I’ll have to investigate this later.”


And if I still couldn’t figure it out, I would have to ask the Alchemist Association to look into it.

And then I said to Grulf,


“Grulf. Can you tell if there are any other demon rats around here?”



Grulf wagged his tail boldly. He probably did know.


“This place is quite big. I don’t think it will be possible to kill them all, but we should at least hunt all of the ones that are in this area.”


“Grulf. We’re counting on you.”



Grulf went bounding off and then stopped. He started to sniff the ground.

The stench of the sewers was quite harsh, which made things difficult for him.


Grulf would sometimes mark his territory as he walked.



He barked once before bounding off again.


“Are there demon rats over there?”


I followed after Grulf and encountered two demon rats.

They were just about to try and escape when Josh’s arrow caught one of them.

Serulis ran quickly and killed the other one.


“Grulf, that was great! You can become a hunting dog.”

Josh said as he petted him. Josh was a former hunter.



Grulf wagged his tail proudly. And then he looked at me.

I guess he wanted to be praised.


“Good, Grulf!”



After that, Grulf happily discovered twenty demon rats that had been hiding.

We took all of the corpses with us and left the sewers.


“We’ll deal with the corpses in my garden.”

“Are you sure?”

Ario looked a little worried.

The garden would become very dirty if we were opening rats on the grass.

He probably didn’t want to inconvenience me.


“Of course, it’s fine.”

“If you say so, Locke…”

Ario did not look too convinced.


When we arrived at the mansion, Luchila was waiting by the door.

I had asked Luchila to buy food supplies.


“Luchila. Thank you for going shopping.”

“Were you able to buy everything?”


Luchila looked a little surprised when he saw us.

Well, it was not too surprising, since we were covered in sewage water.


“I-I was able to buy everything…but what happened to all of you?”


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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