10 Years After – 73


“We just went down into the sewers to kill a few rats.”


Luchila frowned.



Gerberga flew out and went over to Luchila.

Perhaps he didn’t like the smell.


“Thank you, Lord Gerberga.”



I left Gerberga to Luchila and the rest of started work on the rats.

We had to take the corpses out of the bag.


“So many!”

Serulis said excitedly.


However, Ario and Josh seemed a little worn out.

“So we have to open all of these and take out the magic stones…”

“Not too exciting.”


Still, they went about the work quickly and with precision.

Of course, I also helped them.

As I had just taught Serulis how to do it, she also did her best in helping us.


“Serulis. You’re very good at this.”

“Do you think so?”

“You only just learned how to do it, but you move just like an experienced Adventurer.”



Serulis chuckled bashfully.

But she really was good at it. And so quickly.

The whole process went smoothly.


When the sun had started to go down, we finished taking all of the stones out.

Josh counted all of them and said,


“If we count the magic stones, we can see that we killed two hundred of them…”

“So many…”


Even I was surprised.

It was more than just a horde.


“So many in the sewers of the royal capital. Don’t you think that this would have become a horrible incident if we had been delayed in dealing with it?”

Ario looked pale.


Rats multiplied very quickly. Like rabbits.

Besides, demon rats multiplied even faster than normal rats.


If we had waited until tomorrow, then maybe we would have had to kill five hundred of them.


“And also, what is this?”

Serulis held up the mysterious fragment.


It was the fragment that I had found that the rats had gathered around.

Similar fragments had been found in some of the other rat carcasses.

There were thirty in all.


Josh looked grim as he said,


“They were mostly found in the largest demon rats.”

“Perhaps it causes them to grow larger? I sensed some magic inside of them…”

Ario said as he looked at the fragments.


“Well, we could try putting them together…”

“You can put them together?”

“I don’t know, but it is worth trying.”

“That’s true.”


I poured oil over the demon rats and burned them.

It smelled horrible. The bodies were soaked in sewage water, after all.



Grulf barfed.


“Grulf. You should stay in the house.”

I said as I patted his back.

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