10 Years After – 115

Exploring the Ruin


The goblin head rolled.

It was still holding the stone club as its body fell backward.


“You worthless bastard!”


The vampire spat.

And then the part below its chest and the part above its shoulders began to turn into bats.

He was trying to escape.


“Not so fast.”

I was about to attack him with the Devil King Sword,




Gerberga had been quiet up until now, but he suddenly started to cry.

His voice echoed throughout the ruins.




The parts of the vampire that had been turning into bats were now ashes.

It was the power of the God Fowl.

In seconds, the entire vampire was just a pile of ashes.


I quickly picked up the medal, magic stone and sword.


“Lord Gerberga, you saved us.”



Only Lord Gerberga’s head was sticking out of my breastplate.

Nia’s eyes were widened in surprise.


“Th-that’s amazing.”

“Lord Gerberga is the God Fowl, after all.”

“I…heard about it from my sister. But it’s different seeing it in person.”



Lord Gerberga clucked with satisfaction.

Then I turned to them and said,


“Now, let us hurry.”

“Yes. But you already defeated the enemy. Do we really need to escape so quickly…”

“No. We are heading deeper in.”

“Deeper in?”


It’s possible that they heard Lord Gerberga’s cry.

Now I would have to kill all of the vampires in here.


And I couldn’t ignore the possibility of there being teleportation magic.

We had to consider the possibility that they could appear at any time.

It was too dangerous to have Nia and Grulf act alone.


“Nia. Grulf. Be very, very careful when you move.”



I ran. I was in a hurry, but careful that they didn’t fall behind.




A stupid looking goblin started walking towards us.

I cut him down as I dashed.


We continued to run until we reached the end of the ruins. There were two vampires there.

Judging from their appearance, I guessed that they were Arch Vampires.


There was a large mirror between them.

It looked exactly like the mirror with the magic circle that I had seen before.

Maybe the dark ones had a tradition of using mirrors for teleportation.


“Stop them!”



One of them shouted, and the other one jumped at me.

It was as if they were trying to buy time.


What was the other one trying to do? I keep him in sight.

I parry the attack of the first while watching the other from the corner of my eye.


He was stretching out towards the mirror. Was he trying to escape?

But both of them seemed to be Arch Vampires.

I didn’t understand why one would sacrifice himself for the other.


Maybe there was something that they didn’t want me to take from them.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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