10 Years After – 115


“I won’t let you!”


I threw the spoils of war that was the sword from our last victim.

It stabbed into the vampire’s right arm. It went all the way up to the handguard.

The force behind it was so strong that the vampire lost his balance as well.

It continued to soar until it penetrated the rock wall behind him. Pinning the vampire like a doll.



He groaned pitifully.




The vampire who was attacking me shouted.

He wasn’t shouting at me, but the other vampire.


“I know!”


The vampire in the back shouted back. His face was contorted in agony.

They were definitely up to something.


I didn’t know what they were trying to do. But I had to stop them regardless.

I grabbed the swinging blade of the vampire with my left hand.




He was clearly not expecting this. His eyes widened in surprise.


I had a magic barrier over my palm.

A mere Arch Vampire was not going to be able to cut through it.


“You’re in my way.”

I said, before crushing the blade in my hand.



“You’re the monster.”


I said as I grabbed his neck with my left hand and then activated Drain Touch.

In a flash, I absorbed all the magic and life force. The vampire turned into skin and bones right in front of me.



“Shut up.”


I threw the shrieking mummy against the wall.

He was dried up and weighed very little.

I didn’t know that magic energy and life force had any weight.

Or maybe there was a different reason.



The vampire who was still pinned to the wall let out a fearful cry.


“What? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”


I said as I walked towards him.

The vampire finally pulled the sword from his arm and swung at me.




He shouted in desperation. It was the kind of attack you did when you knew it was over.

That was fine. I didn’t care either way.

Even if he tried to run, it was easy to deal with.


He shouted loudly as his sword came down.




The large mirror shattered under his attack.

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  1. MC was about to destroy another part of the evil god but these minions did something correct… Unless MC can use magic to fix the mirror and head to the stronghold…

  2. This MC is an idiot of course he was going to attack the mirror….sheesh, He even gives the words muscle head a bad name

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