10 Years After – 134

The Fight with the Dragon


I quickly raised a magic barrier in order to protect Eric and Goran.




The magic barrier seemed to scream hideously under the pressure.

That’s how strong the breath was.

Even the vampires were being blown away.

It was rather ridiculous that they had cast Charm on Kathe, only to be killed right away.


It was just as I was thinking this.


Kathe’s giant body flew from behind us and crashed heavily into the wall.


Even someone as big as Kathe was still affected by the breath.

Wait a minute. If Kathe was blown away too, that means someone else must have unleashed it.


“You two continue to watch for the vampires!”

“You don’t have to tell me twice!”

“Leave it to us!”


I called to Eric and Goran before spinning around.

There was a dragon there that was even bigger than Kathe. An Evil Dragon.

Its color was gray and it had three wings and three eyes.


Its violent breath was still continuing.

Maybe it had no intention of stopping until we were all dead.

So it was a matter of what would last longer, my magic barrier or its breath.


I didn’t think that I would lose.




But Kathe was screaming near the wall.

She looked completely fine, but I guess pain was still pain.

I felt a little sorry for her.


I left Eric and Goran by the magic barrier and got closer to the Evil Dragon.

It was rather difficult, as I had to go against the blast of wind.

It required that I create a magic barrier in front of me that moved forward as I ran behind it.


When I was close enough to the dragon, I jumped into the air so that our eyes met.

Being closer to the face meant taking the worst of the blast.



The barrier creaked. I had never heard it make such a noise before.




A piece of the barrier shattered. I panicked a little.

Was the barrier protecting Eric and Goran still alright?


I swung the Devil King Sword down towards the Evil Dragon’s neck.

But the dragon twisted its head out of the way. My blade chased after it.



“Tsk. Not deep enough.”


I only cut through a little skin and flesh on the neck, without reaching the bones.

However, this stopped the wind breath.


Just then.



Goran’s sword slashed into the Evil Dragon’s left leg, severing it at the thigh.

The dragon immediately lost its balance.



In the same instant, Eric’s sword took off the dragon’s right arm.

Then he swung his sword a second time, finally taking off its head.


There was a loud crash as the body collapsed on the ground.


“What about the vampires?”

“They were killed in the wind breath.”


It had been incredibly powerful.

Even a Vampire High Lord would have died.


“I see. So that means the Vampire High Lords here were not exactly controlling the Evil Dragon.”

“We’ll have to find out more about their relationship!”


Goran said as he swung his sword around.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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