10 Years After – 134


The dragon’s blood flew from the blade and splattered on the ground.


On the other hand, Eric pulled out some paper and carefully wiped his sword clean.

Then he threw it on the ground.


“You two are as skilled with the sword as ever.”


I hadn’t been able to behead the dragon.

But Eric and Goran had cut through it with precision.


Eric smiled a little sheepishly.

“It was hardly a threat outside of that breath. It’s more impressive to me that you charged straight into it.”


Goran laughed.

“I was able to cut it because you stopped the wind breath for us.”

“The dragon would have regained its posture if I was alone. You two really helped me.”


As the three of us talked like this, Kathe wobbled up towards us.

“Locke! How horrible of you!”


“You protected Eric and Goran with a magic barrier. But not me!”



I had thought that it was Kathe who had unleashed the wind breath.

Besides, she was very big.

It wasn’t impossible, but it would have been quite difficult to make a barrier of that size.


“Don’t you think this is favoritism?”

“That’s not what it is.”

“It really hurt! It is so not fair!”


“You must be more careful from now on!”


Kathe was fuming.

Then she looked down at the scraps of paper at Eric’s feet.


“Hey, Eric!”

“Wh-what is it?”

“My house is not a trash can!”



Eric quickly picked up the pieces of paper.


“And you too, Goran!”

“Uh, alright, I see how swinging my sword made a blood splatter. But look over there.”

A fountain of blood was spraying out of the Evil Dragon’s wounds.


“…It’s going to be hard to clean this up.”

Kathe looked very annoyed.


“In any case, how come you didn’t notice it, Kathe?”

“Notice what?”

“The Evil Dragon’s attack.”


Had Kathe noticed it, we wouldn’t have been attacked by the wind breath from the back.

Goran nodded.


“Exactly. Weren’t you supposed to be watching our backs?”

“Well, wait one second, Goran. I’m sure Kathe has a good reason. Don’t you?”


Eric said gently to Kathe.


“…I’m sorry. I was watching you all fight the vampires and…”

“Oh, you were transfixed.”

“I’m very sorry.”


Kathe really wasn’t used to fighting.

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