10 Years After – 148

Dorgo’s Request


Dorgo looked very serious as he leaned forward.


“I am sure that you have heard from Kathe…the Wind Dragon Ruler…”

Kathe tensed.


“The water dragon settlements are being attacked by the dark ones.”



According to Dorgo, the water dragons were currently without a ruler.

The last one had died in an unfortunate accident. And his successor was still too young.

It would take time for her to take his place as their next ruler.


And so they had no protector.


“Ruck. Eric and Goran. I tell you this because I trust you. This is where the settlement is.”


Dorgo pointed to it on the map.

It was south of the kingdom of Mendilibar.

The region had a giant lake and a vast forest.

Hardly any humans lived there.


“Currently, fights between the dark ones and the water dragons have broken out sporadically.”

As the wind dragons were the closest to them, the water dragons had asked them for help.


“I see…”


Kathe looked as if she had never heard this before.

She was the ruler, but no one had told her?

Perhaps the title was just a formality, and her father still had all of the actual authority.

Kathe was not very reliable, so I could understand why Dorgo would do that.


So Kathe had been banned from politics and was free to enjoy her hobby, which was protecting ruins.

I felt a little bad for her now.


On the other hand, Dorgo was smiling but his face looked tense.


“Your Majesty? I did tell you. Don’t you remember?”

“O-oh? Really?”

“I wish you were more dependable.”

“I am very sorry.”


Oh, so it wasn’t that she was excluded from politics.

Yes, she really needed to pull herself together.


“I know that the alliance has only just been formed…and so it pains me to have to make this request…”

“You want us to offer our aid for the protection of the water dragon settlement?”

“I understand that it is a most unreasonable request.”


I looked at Eric.

This was a very important decision, and it was for him to decide.

However, Eric looked at me and said,


“Well, Chairman Ruck, what do you think?”

“Huh? Uh, chairman…”

“Yes, you are the chairman. Now do your job.”


Kathe said.

I was a little annoyed.


“I will leave the decision to Chairman Ruck.”

Eric said flatly.


“I see. Thank you.”

And so I said to Dorgo,


“While it may not be enough, we will help you.”

“Thank you.”

“After all, if the water dragons are sacrificed, then the enemy may be able to summon an Evil God. That will affect us all.”

“That is true. It is not just a problem for the dragons.”


I said. Goran nodded in agreement.


“We will help protect the water dragons… But are the wind dragons safe as well?”

Dorgo glanced at Kathe.


“Indeed. I very much understand why you are worried about my daughter and how unreliable she is as the Wind Dragon Ruler.”

“Uh, not at all…”


It was completely true, but I couldn’t say so in front of him.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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