10 Years After – 175

Wind Dragon Ruler’s Library


The next day, Philly came back with Eric. Tama was with them.

Tama immediately started to lick my face.

I petted him as I said,


“How were your parents?”

“They were very well. But they are busy dealing with the dark ones…”


Eric smiled and said,

“Marquis Mastafon and his wife are doing their best.”

“That’s good. As part of the privy council, I suppose?”

“Of course. We don’t have enough brilliant officials who we can trust with secrets.”


The privy council worked directly under Eric, and they were continuing their investigation.

There were suspicions of informers within the home ministry.

And their role was very important.

As the former head of the ministry of finance, Marquis Mastafon now worked as a civil servant.


Milka came running towards us after noticing Philly’s return.


“Well come back, Master!”

“Hello. I am sorry you could not have lessons yesterday.”

“Don’t mind that! I’m doing the task you gave us.”

“That’s wonderful. Today we shall…”


Philly was already prepared to teach. However, we would have to go to the wind dragon palace today.


“Sorry, Philly and Milka.”


“Dorgo and Kathe said they will show us material at the wind dragon palace today.”

“…That sounds very interesting.”


Milka said quickly.


“Don’t worry about me! I still have work to do!”

“Milka, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t you worry about it either, Mister Locke!”


After breakfast, Philly gave them work to do.

And then we headed to the wind dragon palace with Dorgo and Kathe.

Grulf and Tama came too.


As we used the magic circles, it only took a second.

Dorgo and Kathe were currently in human form.


“So this is the wind dragon palace…”



Philly and Tama were surprised.

It was made for dragons, which meant that it was very large.


“The library is this way.”

“Please follow me.”


Kathe and Dorgo led us to the library.

The room was tightly sealed with magic.


“These are some strong defenses.”

“Of course. Books are incredibly valuable. Locke unleashed fireballs in this palace before. But they were properly protected.”



Philly and Tama said in surprise. Kathe looked at them smugly.


“And here it is.”

They went inside.


“These books are huge.”


Philly looked around the room in awe.

She had not stopped being surprised ever since stepping foot into the palace.



But Grulf had no interest in the shelves of books.

His nose was pressing into my back.


“They are for dragons. That’s why they are so big.”

“Kathe. Where are the books on alchemy?”

“…Uh, this whole area over here.”


Kathe pointed to an entire wall.

It was a dragon library. So the room was very big and the ceiling very high.

More precisely, it was about as wide as fifty adult men were tall.


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