10 Years After – 128

Kathe’s Business


Kathe’s face was smug as she happily slapped her tail on the ground repeatedly.

It was actually kind of loud.


“Kathe. How about you calm that tail down for now.”

“Oh, sorry.”


She said, swinging the thing around her and catching it in front with her arms.

It wasn’t a beast tail, but a dragon tail.

It was long and thick and covered in scales.


“Well, we can’t talk out here. Come inside.”

“Oh, do you mean it?”

“We’re drawing too much attention out here.”


And so we all entered the mansion.


“Ohhh. So this is your house.”

“Yes. But you can’t slam your tail around in this room either. It will break the floor.”

“I know that.”


Kathe was looking around, clearly curious about everything in sight.

I led her to the living room. There was also a drawing room, but we weren’t ready to receive guests at the moment.


Serulis and Shia were there.


“Oh? Are you a guest of Mister Locke?”

“…No. I think that is Kathe? It sure smells like her.”


Serulis didn’t realize it, but Shia was quick.


“Shia and Nia are so quick! How impressive.”

“We beastkin have a good sense of smell.”

“Gahaha! How wonderful!”


Kathe laughed boisterously.


“Still, Locke here did not realize it was me! I am truly sad.”

“Well, most humans depend on what they can see. You can’t change this much and expect people to know.”

“Hmmm. How inconvenient.”


And so I called Milka over and introduced her to Kathe again.

It was the first time that Luchila, Milka, Philly and Tama would be seeing Kathe.

Once that was all finished, Milka said,


“So you really were an acquaintance of Mister Locke!”

“Yes, I am.”

“Well, I’m very sorry then!”


I patted Milka on the head.


“No, you were right, Milka. You did a good job.”


“Lord Geberga lives in this house. We can’t let strangers inside.”

“Alright. Then I will continue as before!”



Lord Gerberga and Philly lived in the mansion now.

And there was a secret passage and alchemy machine.

You never know who might try any get in.


Serulis and Shia were here today, but there would be many days when it was just Milka.

So it’s better that she didn’t open the gate.


Philly watched this and then added,


“But, Milka. I do not think it is good to talk like that as a member and apprentice of a nobleman’s household.”

“You think so? I had a feeling that might be the case. But this is the only way that I can talk.”

“Then leave it to me. I shall teach you every from tomorrow on.”

“Really? Thank you, teacher!”

The way Milka talked to her teacher was also a little lacking.


“Yes, it should be very satisfying teaching you.”

Philly said with determination.


After that, Nia and Luchila brought some tea and snacks.

They had probably decided that it was their job as apprentices.


“Oh! Thank you!”


Kathe said as she threw the snacks into her mouth.


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