10 Years After – 5

To the Adventurer’s Guild


The new Adventurer’s card had the name, Locke.

The job was Warrior. I had a Devil King sword after all, so I might as well use it.


After the card was issued, Goran said:


“This card has information concealing magic cast onto it. This will ensure that only the name Locke will appear.”

“What do you mean?”


Goran explained. It was impossible to fake an Adventurer’s card.

And so they could not use a fake name.


“But, it says Locke instead of Ruck?”

“That’s because your full name is Ruck Locke Franzen.”


Apparently, I had a middle name now.


“So I fixed it so that only your middle name is displayed. Your true name will appear if the magic is deactivated.”

“And my job?”

“Your first job is Great Philosopher, Our Saviour, The Great High Sorcerer and you are S Rank. Your second job is Warrior and you are F Rank.”


Normally your first job’s rank was your Adventurer rank.


“Can’t you get rid of the ‘Great Philosopher’ stuff?”

“We cannot. It is a name that the guild gave you.”


I did not like it. I felt like I was being bullied.

They had lost all control once they thought I was dead.


“We cannot lie on these. But we made it so that only your second job will appear.”


It was impossible to fake the cards, so Goran had devised a way to make them draw less attention.

I was grateful for that.


The Adventurer’s card contained all kinds of data.

If you had parents, it had their names, occupation and social status.

Your place of birth, number of monsters killed, quests accepted and success rates, and the total amount of reward money earned.


Of course, normally they would not show up.

Because it was all information you did not want others to know about.


It was not something you could just view by going to the reception counter either.

It had to be run through a special magic device they only had in large guilds, if you wanted to display it.

And the machine was only used for rank promotions and demotions or for expulsions.


Goran had used this system to alter the amount of information that was hidden.

And so an official card with only accurate information could still display an F rank.


“Thank you, Goran.”

“Don’t mention it. It’s nothing at all.”

Goran said bashfully.




After that, we went over to Goran’s house and drank excitedly late into the night.

When it was dawn and Goran and I were thoroughly drunk, Eric went back home.

With such an important post as king of the country, he probably had plenty of responsibilities waiting for him the next day.


I decided to spend the night at Goran’s house.

It had been so long since I last slept in a comfortable bed.




“Mr. Locke! Mr. Locke!”


I awoke to the sounds of banging on the door.

I felt as if I had had a long and relaxing sleep.


But I immediately noticed how hungry I was.


“Mr. Locke! Mr. Locke!”

“…Locke? Oh, right.”


The name Ruck had become too well-known now, and so they had decided to use Locke instead.

Goran had agreed to not tell anyone, and so the people of his house all knew me as Locke.


A servant was banging ruthlessly on the door.


“Yes. What is it?”


I opened the door to see a butler. Probably Goran’s butler.

“Thank heavens. You are alive.”

“Yeah, I’m alive, alright.”

“We were so worried. You did not leave your room for a whole week.”

“A week?”


I was in shock as the butler continued.


“Yes. The master instructed us that we were not to wake you up. And so we waited… But one week was long enough to make us start to worry…”

“Is that right…”


It’s no wonder they became worried then. I would worry about Goran if he slept that long.

Though, if I were really dead, my body would have rotted quite a bit after a whole week.


Still, a whole week of sleeping, huh?

I must have been really tired after that decade of fighting.


“I am so sorry to have troubled you.”

“No, no. Please do not worry about it.”

“Is Goran around?”

“Yes. He wishes to have breakfast with you now.”


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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  1. …….What an absurd guy….He slept for a whole week….Whatsmore, Goran anticipated Ruck awaken at that timing and invite him having a breakfast? A really absurd story…

    • The manga explained it better on why Goran told the butler to let Ruck sleep. This was Ruck’s first peaceful night of sleep without the worry of danger.

      As far as the timing goes, that’s more coincidence. You can tell your butler to have Ruck join for breakfast when he wakes. You don’t have to say when but with most people having a sleep schedule, you’d normally wake up in the morning or mid-morning depending on what type of sleeper you are.

      It just happened to coincide with Goran actually eating breakfast and Ruck waking up. Can’t say it was anticipated since in any book/movie/series, things happen at the right time just to progress the story along.

    • But is sleeping while moving really sleeping? He still has to use mental capacity to fight. That would be like being in a daze rather than sleeping? I don’t know. I just don’t think him using Marionette would put his body under control of an AI.

    • Marionette isn’t flawless. It allows you to control your body so he still has to think. Sleep is when your brain is relaxed. High intensity fighting isn’t necessarily relaxed.

    • I think the manga explained it slightly better but this was his first, peaceful sleep. You can think of it as having a bad night sleeping vs good night sleeping.

      You’d obviously sleep longer from a good night of rest. I wouldn’t considering fighting demons while sleeping a good night of rest.

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