10 Years After – 5


The butler led me down to the dining room.


“Ru…Locke! You’re finally up!”

“Morning. Sorry for worrying you.”

“No, no worries. Want some breakfast?”


What had been prepared for me this time, was more rice water.

I had accidentally fasted for a whole week.

And so they decided that solids were dangerous again.


“Thank you.”

“Locke, is there anything you are thinking of doing now?”

“Not really.”

“I see.”


But I was very curious to see how the world had changed.

What should I do in order to find that out?

I thought about it for a moment.


“I know. Since it’s been a while, I would like to go on an adventure from square one.”

“Won’t you be bored? You need strong enemies and…”

“I’ve had my full of strong enemies.”

“I, I guess that’s true.”


Fighting strong enemies for 10 years was enough to make me sick of them.

And Goran had tasted it enough to understand how I felt.


I was an Adventurer 10 years ago. I had always been an Adventurer.

It would be best if I could go on an adventure while experiencing the changes in society.


After breakfast, I thanked Goran and was about to head for the Adventurer’s guild.

On my way out, the gatekeeper bowed to me.


“Ru…I mean, Mr. Locke. I am deeply sorry about what transpired the other day.”

“Oh, it is just your job. I have no hard feelings.”

“I am grateful that you think so.”


He said and bowed once again.

I had already told him that I was Ruck. However, it seemed that Goran had told him to keep quiet about that.

And so he called me Mr. Locke. I was grateful for that.


I left the gatekeeper and headed for the Adventurer’s guild.


The last time I came here, I was forcefully dragged to the back by Goran as soon as I entered.

This time I got a chance to carefully scan the general floor.

How nostalgic. The quest board with all the postings brought back so many memories.


As it was 10 years ago, I started by looking at the advanced quests.

It sure was peaceful now. There were no postings for dragons or devil kings.

It was good. I was happy about that.


And with a sense of relief, I looked down at the beginner quests that even an F ranker like me could accept.


“Gathering herbs… I don’t mind, but the reward is high…”


I was a fake F Ranker.

I should leave the safe quests to young people. Especially if the pay was good.

I felt that I should choose the tedious, dangerous ones with low pay.


“…This one.”


After examining them, I decided to accept a goblin hunting quest.

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