10 Years After – 67

A Changed Milka


After looking a little closer, I saw that it was Milka.

Serulis had probably run back to her home in order to get some new clothes.


“Thi-this is embarrassing.”


Milka said awkwardly.


They were likely Serulis’s old clothes.

It was cute and quite appropriate for the rich daughter of Lord Morton.

There were frills and accessories.


Her hair had also been brushed and cleaned.

Serulis must have done it for her as they bathed.

That was why Serulis had been so eager to clean the place.




Serulis stood next to Milka with the smuggest expression.

She had seen my surprise at this transformation.


“You did this?”


I asked. And Serulis said proudly,


“What do you think? Doesn’t it suit her?”

“These pretty clothes don’t suit me at all!”

“That’s not true. It looks very cute.”

“Bu-but. There is no way that it does. I-I’m going to go and change!”

Milka turned around and left.


“Milka, wait.”

I called after her, and she stopped.


“I-I’m sorry. But I can’t clean in these clothes, can I?”

I think she thought I was going to be upset.


“Milka. I think it looks very nice on you. It is very cute.”

“Really? N-no. You don’t need to flatter me. I know that it looks horrible on me.”

“No. Why would I lie? It does look good. Are these your old clothes, Serulis?”

“Yes. I decided to give her my old clothes.”

“Thank you, Serulis. That would be a great help.”

“Oh-oh. It’s nothing, you know!”


Serulis said, a little embarrassed.


“Shia, Luchila. What do you think?”

“It’s very nice. Yes, yes. It is very cute.”


Shia said as she circled Milka several times.


“Yes. It’s cute. It’s like dressing up a pack horse, as they say.”

Luchila didn’t realize it, but this wasn’t exactly a compliment.



But Milka looked happy as she blushed. And so I didn’t bother explaining it to her.


She was doing that a lot.

She started petting Grulf’s head after he came close.


“Grulf. Grulf.”


Grulf looked confused as she scratched his fur.

Then he looked towards me for help.



Gerberga flew down and landed on Grulf’s back.


“Lord Gerberga is very cute as well.”

Milka’s attention moved to Gerberga, who was now subject to her petting.




Gerberga had come down to help Grulf, who was at a loss over what to do.

He was a kind chicken.


After that, I had Serulis and Milka registered at the door in the library.


When that was finished, Milka said excitedly,

“I’m going to go and clean now!”

“Why don’t you start tomorrow?”


“You were put in such nice clothes. You should relax and enjoy it.”


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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