10 Years After – 75

God Fowl Bird Bath


When we got out of the bathtub and went to the changing room, Luchila was there.

He was holding a large wash tub.

Gerberga was behind him.


“Are you taking a bath too?”

“No, but I thought I’d let Lord Gerberga play in the water.”


“I heard they like to play in the sand…but they also play in the water?”


Apparently, yes.


“Mind if I watch?”


“Not at all.”


Luchila went inside the bathing room and filled the tub with water.


“Lord Gerberga, your water is ready.”


Gerberga clucked and then went inside of the tub.


“It doesn’t have to be hot?”

“He prefers cool water.”


“I see.”


Chickens were complicated creatures.

Gerberga was now splashing around in the water.

It looked just like how he acted when playing in the sand.

After he had splashed around for a while, Luchila said,


“Now I will wash you with soap.”



Luchila covered Gerberga in soap and washed it off.

Gerberga sat calmly throughout the process.

Water aside, chickens usually did not appreciate being washed with soap.

But this was a highly intelligent God Fowl.


“Lord Gerberga likes to be clean, huh?”


“He really does. He is completely different from normal chickens. He even uses the bathroom.”


It was usually very difficult to train chickens and birds in general.

As they flew in the sky, their bodies had to be light all of the time. So it was normal to constantly be letting things out.

Even chickens, who didn’t fly were the same. But this was the God Fowl.


“I should change the bathroom door so Lord Gerberga can open it by himself.”



Gerberga clucked happily.

While Grulf could open it, it was currently impossible for Gerberga to.


When Gerberga was finished bathing, Luchila patted him down gently with a towel.

Gerberga looked very comfortable throughout.


After that, I created a small entrance at the bottom of the bathroom door for Gerberga to enter.

I cut through the door with magic and made a hole that was just big enough for him.

Then I added a plank and hinges that moved both ways and we had a door for Gerberga to use.


“Lord Gerberga, see if you can go in.”


Gerberga went into the bathroom.



And then he came back out and clucked happily.

He flapped his wings and flew up to me.


“What is it?”


“He is saying ‘thank you.’”


Luchila said with a smile.

I held Gerberga and petted him. I was glad that he was happy.


As we stood there, Serulis’s voice started to ring from the main entrance.


“I’m back!”

“It’s sister Serulis!”


Milka went running.

She quickly came back with Serulis.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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