10 Years After – 70

The Demon Rat Horde


I moved the lantern to look at the rest of the area and saw that there was a horde of demon rats.

And all of them were very large.

Serulis unsheathed her sword and said,


“These are some big rats. And there are so many of them.”

“Yes, I can see how this would have been too much for two people.”


I said and Ario nodded.


“Yes, we ran out in a panic.”

“Just the thought of being eaten alive by those rats gave me a chill.”

It was just as Josh said. It would be one of the worst ways to die.


“Ario. Use fireballs. I will charge into them at the same time.”


“Josh, you support us with arrows.”

“Of course.”

“Serulis, you get any that I miss.”

“Leave it to me.”


And then I unsheathed the Devil King Sword.


Grulf looked at me with eyes that seemed to ask the question, ‘why don’t you give me any orders?’


“Grulf, your work begins when the rats start trying to escape. I want you to work with Serulis to get any that leak through the cracks.”


Grulf puffed out his chest. His tail was wagging excitedly.


“Ario. Let’s start.”



Ario’s fireballs began flying.

They landed and exploded inside of the demon rat horde.




The shrieking of the rats echoed around us.

Over a dozen of them had died from the blast.


And so I charged into the confused swarm.

I swung the Devil King Sword with all of my strength and cut into five of them.



The rats cried noisily as they grouped together and jumped at me.

But I cut them all down.


I had thought that most of them would try to run away, but they were mostly jumping towards me.

Perhaps their appetites for food were stronger than their instinct for self-preservation.


The demon rats were even eating the dead rats that I had killed.

To them, it didn’t matter if it was a monster of the same species. It was just meat once they were dead.

I could sense an intense hunger throughout the whole horde.


It all felt very horrifying.

What if they had managed to get out of the sewers?

They would have begun to attack and eat people immediately.


They may have been rats, but they were as big as medium-sized dogs.

An adult may be able to kill one of them.

But they would be hard pressed against two or three. A child would not be able to fight even one.


“We’ll kill them all!”



Ario shouted in reply.

Josh unleashed his arrows, killing the rats one by one.


“Ario. Try not to waste your magic.”

“I know!”

The power of a Sorcerer was not unlimited. It was important to use it wisely.


I too was swinging my sword as to not let a single rat escape.

However, there were just so many of them.

Not only that, but they were attacking from all sides.

It would be impossible to defeat them without using magic.


“Leave this side to me.”



Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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