10 Years After – 169

Water Dragon Breakfast


Everyone got into bed, but it seemed like they had trouble sleeping.

This was because it was after such an intense battle.


But Grulf on the other hand…


Was sleeping on his back.

Grulf was always quick to fall asleep.


It was cute, so I patted him on the belly.

He probably thought he was scratching himself because his legs were moving.


After a while, I eventually fell asleep.


The next morning, Morris woke me up.

He said that breakfast was ready.



Grulf must have been hungry because he was already awake.

He started licking my face.


Then I washed up and headed to the dining hall.

Eric, Goran, Kathe, Dorgo, and Leea were already there.

I looked at them and said,


“It’s a good thing that there were no casualties yesterday.”

“Indeed. While we were mostly just defending, we were very lucky that no one died.”

Eric muttered with a serious expression.


“All the attacks up until now seemed sporadic and unplanned…so we let our guard down.”

Morris said as the food was served.

Exactly. I couldn’t say that I hadn’t done the same.


“To think they would use the magic machines as well… We thought they would not be able to make more after we took Kathe’s trash can.”

“Yes, you would think.”

“Trash can?”


Leea tilted her head in puzzlement.

And so I explained it to her.


It was our name for the alchemy machine that was in the wind dragon king’s palace.

Putting in Fool’s Stones or Philosopher’s Stones allowed you to make the automated magic machines.

It had since been kept in Philly’s laboratory in my mansion.


“Maybe it’s not just Fool’s Stones they have. Maybe they have another trash can.”

Goran said.

“So you can make many of these magic machines if you have this alchemy device?”


Morris asked with a worried look.

It was no wonder that he sensed danger.

It would mean the enemy could send many powerful enemies through the barrier.


Dorgo knew the most about the trash can.

“But it very hard to gather the materials… You will need a lot of magic stones and sacrifices.”

“In that case… The dark ones want sacrifices?”


Goran heard this and said,


“But can’t they just use the Fool’s Stone?”

“Gathering sacrifices is the quickest way to make the Fool’s Stone.”


A talented alchemist like Philly did not require expensive materials.

However, it required incredible skill on her part.

If you wanted to make them easily with a machine, you needed a lot of valuable materials.


“This is a serious situation.”

Morris groaned.


If the water dragons became sacrifices, the enemy would be able to make even more Fool’s Stones and automated machines.

Even if they didn’t summon an Evil God, the enemy would grow much stronger.


“Mister Morris. Do the water dragons have something similar to the trash can?”

“We do not. We are much better with barrier magic.”

“Us wind dragons prefer alchemy.”


Kathe informed us.

In spite of this, Kathe did not seem to be particularly good at alchemy.

But it was probably better not to tell her.


“So the technology used for the magic machines is alchemy?”

“It is.”


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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