10 Years After – 123

The Dragon Machine


As we all talked and waited, Eric returned from the palace.


“Ah, you’re finally back.”

“The secret passage really is useful.”

“Anyway, there’s something I want you to see. Eric and Philly, you two follow me.”

“What is it?”

“I know what it is.”

“Shia and the rest of you should come too.”


And so they followed me to the back yard.

The machine that created the Fool’s Stone was somewhat large, and so the drawing room would feel cramped.

And the backyard was made so that outsiders could not look inside.


Tama, Grulf, Shia, Nia and Luchila came too.

Lord Gerberga was sitting on Grulf’s back.


“I went on a walk with Nia, Grulf and Lord Gerberga today…”


I explained to Eric.

Then Kathe called us and we went to kill some goblins in a ruin.

That’s where we encountered vampires and found this machine.


“This Most High King really bothers me.”

“Hmm. Who is he?”

“The Arch Vampire sacrificed his life to destroy the teleportation circle. He must be incredibly important.”


I explained as I took the machine out of the magic bag.


“Philly, look at this. The vampires were apparently trying to use this machine to create more Fool’s Stones.”

“Hmm? Hmm? So this is a dragon machine. How amazing.”


Philly was a genius alchemist who could make the Fool’s Stone.


“Do you think it’s really possible with this machine?”

“I will look into it. Just wait a moment.”


Philly began to inspect the machine with a serious expression.

We watched her in silence.


“So this is…and this…oh? And this does that…”


She become quite absorbed with the machine.

Philly had revived the art of creating the Fool’s Stone at the age of fourteen.

That put her above even the Alchemists who worked in the palace.


“Geniuses have great ability to concentrate.”


Serulis said.


“Oh, I see.”


Milka nodded on as she watched.

Serulis threw an arm around and her pulled her close.


“So that means…. And this causes the matter to unravel…”


Philly was mumbling to herself. But none of us knew what she was talking about.


After some time, she stopped and looked up at the sky.


And she sighed deeply.


“Philly. Did you learn anything?”

“Yes. The dragons were a very great race…”

Philly said with admiration.


“That impressive, huh?”

“Who knows just how much smarter they are compared to humans? Yes, this machine is very impressive.


I heard Philly’s praise towards the dragons and immediately thought of Kathe’s face.

A happy face that laughed boisterously. That dragon never seemed very smart.


“Leaving the intelligence of the dragons aside, their civilization is certainly great. So, can it make the Fool’s Stone?”

“Yes, I am sure that it can.”


At Philly’s words, Eric and I looked at each other.


“According to Kathe, there are other ruins with similar machines.”


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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