Realist Demon King – 36

A Messenger from the Great Country of Deprosia


As the humans trained, it started to get warmer, as if their passion was tangible.


I said so to Eve, but she just laughed.


“Master. It is less their passion and more that summer is approaching.”


“Ah, right. So this world has seasons as well then.”


There were worlds and regions that did not have four seasons, so I had not thought much about it. But it was apparently almost summer.


Well, that also meant that the produce from the farms outside of the castle would be entering the markets. And so I asked Eve to bring some to me.


She brought a melon.


Eve cut the melon in half and removed the seeds before pouring som condensed milk over it.

It looked very sweet.


And she must have chilled it with ice magic, because it was very cool.


And delicious.


“Eve, you are brilliant in the handling of food.”


“And you are brilliant at flattery.”


“It is not flattery. It is the truth.”


“Hearing that is enough of a reward for my efforts.”


“However, it is also thanks to these farms that we are able to eat well every day.”


“The fruit of the farmer’s labor.”


“I would like to increase their output even more.”


“I think that is a wonderful idea.”


“Does this world have double-cropping?’


“Double-cropping. Is that where two kinds of crops our planted in the same field so that the soil does not become impoverished?”


“That is exactly what it is.”


“Then yes, we do.”


“Then what about the Norfolk four-course system?”


“I have not heard of that.”


“Then we should experiment at a new farm.”


I suggested.

This Norfolk four-course system was a farming system from another world.

Apparently, it began in a place called Norfolk in England.


It was an advanced version of the double-crop method, where the fields were split into four areas and wheat, turnips, barley and clover were planted in them by rotation.


Eve looked confused when I told her this.


“The wheat can be used for bread and the turnips can be eaten. But clovers are not edible.”


“For humans, anyway.”


“What do you mean?”


“They will be fed to the livestock.”


“I see. So you will give them to the cows, sheep and pigs.”


“Exactly. The meat will be much fatter when it enters the market.”


“Very good, Master. We should test this at once.”


And so Eve made a contract with a farmer and began to test this method.

As we used special formulas to speed up the growth of plants, it would not take as long to see the results.

We would have some reliable data within a matter of months.

If the data was in our favor, then this style of farming would be adopted by all of the farmers.

And that would lead to increased taxes.

Not only I, but Eve was also very much looking forward to it.


“Do you like turnips, Master? I love them myself. Ah, I wish I could make you my turnip soup sooner.”


I told her that I looked forward to it. But then something happened that would force our attention elsewhere.


A goblin messenger flew into the room with a pale face.


“What is? Tell me, goblin.”


“Demon King, I have important news! A messenger has come from Deprosia!”


“Well, that is important.”


realist demon king

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  1. Clover has another use, it isn’t just used for fodder.

    Inside of a clover are tiny little parts that attract lighting, specifically nitrogen, so when a lighting storm happens the nitrogen is deposited into the ground, which spreads and causes the ground to become more fertile.

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