10 Years After – 96

Checking the Sewers


While eating my breakfast, I asked Milka,


“What are Shia, Luchila and Serulis doing?”

“Miss Shia and Sister Serulis said they were going to the Adventurers Guild!”

“I see. And Luchila?”

“Luchila is taking a walk with Lord Gerberga in the garden.”

“Of course. Walking is important.”


And then I wondered. It would be good to give Luchila and Milka an education.

It would be best if I could do it myself, but I was too busy.

And so I should hire a private teacher. But I didn’t know anyone.


I would have to ask Goran to introduce me to one later.


When breakfast was finished and everything had been cleaned up, I decided to go out.


“Milka, I’ll be out for a while.”

“Yes, sir! Will you be here for lunch?”

“Hmm? Oh, I’ll eat out. But I’ll be back for dinner.”

“Got it!”


As I headed for the door, Grulf came bounding after me.



“Are you coming too?”



As he seemed to really want to come, I decided to take Grulf with me.

Luchila and Lord Gerberga were in the garden.


“Good morning.”

“Good morning, Mister Locke!”


Lord Gerberga clucked happily.


“I’m going out. So take care of Lord Gerberga.”



“If the mansion is attacked, you should use the secret passage to go to Eric.”

“I know!”


The mansion was protected with defense magic.

That being said, it was never absolute.

There now existed items that allowed monsters to break through the divine barrier.

So you could never be too careful.


“I wonder if it would be possible to…make a barrier that nullifies items that nullifies the divine barrier…”

“I doubt it.”


Luchila answered seriously.

Luchila was an Illusionist. He was also a Sorcerer. And a pretty good one at that.


“I suppose so.”

“Yes. But I will try to think of a way too.”

“Thank you.”


So saying, I left the mansion.



Grulf barked happily.


“Are you really that happy to have come with me, Grulf?”


“We’ll be going back to the sewers today.”



Grulf shuddered.

Perhaps he was traumatized after nearly drowning.


“If you want, you can stay at the mansion with Luchila and Milka.”



Grulf’s tail pointed straight up. He was not scared of any sewers.

That’s what he was saying.


“I see. Well, don’t push yourself too hard.”



I decided to make an appearance at the guild first.

I wanted to check the quest board.


As I looked, Grulf started to rub against my body.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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