10 Years After – 96


Grulf was very big, and so he drew a lot of attention.

Perhaps all the stares he was getting was making him nervous.


“I see that there are demon rat quests up…”


There were always demon rat quests. They came from the city.

In fact, you didn’t even need to accept these quests to do them.

You just hunted demon rats and brought in the magic stones and then you could collect your reward.

On the other hand, I didn’t see any goblin requests.


“At least it’s peaceful.”


I decided to look for Ario and Josh. But I didn’t find them.

Either they had already accepted a quest and left or they would come later.

Or maybe this was their day off.


Ario and Josh had killed many rats with us yesterday.

It was probably better that they took time to rest.


“Alright, let’s go. Grulf.”



And so Grulf and I headed for the sewers.

When we got to the entrance, it was even quieter than yesterday.


“Grulf. Do you sense any rats?”


It looked like he didn’t know.


“We have to check and see if they aren’t multiplying again.”



There had not been much time between Milka coming to the mansion and the sudden increase in demon rats.

If they were still increasing at that pace, it was possible there were several hundred here already.

And that was more than we could afford to ignore.

It was possible that they would start attacking citizens.


“I’m depending on your nose, Grulf.”



Grulf was ready. He started to sniff around enthusiastically.



“Over there?”


Grulf began to run and so I followed him.

We found two demon rats which I quickly dispatched.


“I guess I should put the bodies in my bag…”


But how would I deal with the bodies?

I couldn’t burn them in the garden anymore.


“I guess I could bring them to the guild, since it is only a few.”

It would not be enough for them to consider raising my rank.


After that, I continued to search the sewers with Grulf, but we only found about ten rats.

That was normal. So they had not multiplied much at all. That was a relief.


“Well, let’s go then.”



When we exited the sewer together, the sun was its highest point.


“Ah, it’s lunch time. We should go and have something to eat.”


“Anything you want to eat?”



Grulf pondered on this question.


“Well, let’s start walking towards the food stalls for now.”


“Let me know if you see something you want to eat.”



Grulf wagged his tail vigorously.

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    • Just a matter of storing them in the bag until he has reason to leave the city. Then pile them up in an open space and drop a few high rank fireballs on them. Quick and thorough

  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    Eating straight after visiting the sewers… sounds gross though.
    Not that it will kill him

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