10 Years After – 39

Let’s Head to the Base


Once we decided on that, Serulis stood up.


“Please take me with you.”


Goran said immediately.


“I can fight too. I may be new as an Adventurer, but I’ve trained for a long time.”

“You may have trained a lot, but you are still not strong enough for this occasion.”


“Eric and Ruck are kind, and so they will not tell you. And so it is up to me as your father.”


Goran looked Serulis in the eyes.


“The truth is that you would get in our way. We are going to go and kill a Vampire High Lord. We won’t be able to protect you at the same time.”



With her own father saying this much, Serulis had no choice but to back off.

She looked down in frustration and clenched her fists.


I turned to Serulis and said,


“Serulis. You will just have to gain experience a little at a time. Let’s go as a party next time.”

“Thank you.”


Eric also added kindly,


“I know that you are training hard. Would you please help guard my daughters?”


“My wife has only just gotten better from her illness…and so I’m a little worried.”


Refi was the former healer of our old party.

She was one of the best healers in the kingdom and also strong in battle. Her use of the staff was a sight to behold.


“Yes. I will protect them with all of my power.”

Goran patted Serulis on the head.


“Serulis. We’re counting on you.”

“Alright, daddy.”


And then I took Gerberga from Luchila.

Luchila would stay in the palace as well.

He was a brilliant illusionist.

But it would be hard to make much use of that ability in a fight against a Vampire High Lord.



“Lord Gerberga. Please stay with me for a short while.”



Luchila petted Gerberga gently.


“It seems that Lord Gerberga is happy to be able to move with the Hero Ruck.”


I turned to Serulis.


“Serulis, please look after Luchila as well.”

“Leave it to me.”


Serulis seemed to have found her footing again. Her eyes looked motivated.


After that, we made preparations and took a short rest.

Gerberga slept with me in my bed. He looked very comfortable.

Gerberga was soft and warm.


And then we got up three hours later.

I altered a chest protector to hold Gerberga inside.


“Lord Gerberga, it may be cramped in there, but please bear it for a short while.”



And then we left the palace.

There was no time to lose. The High Lord would hear news of the 6th Officer’s death immediately.

I wanted to attack them before they had a chance to make any plans.


As we traveled on horseback, Eric asked Goran,


“Did you contact the chiefs of the beastkin tribes?”

“Aye. I did yesterday. Though, it ended up being more of a one-sided notification. Shia. I’m sorry about that.”


They had only told the beastkin that they would be attacking this morning.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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