10 Years After – 160

The Water Dragon Defense Barrier


As Kathe looked relieved, Leea turned to Shia.


“Shia. You haven’t asked your question yet.”

“Oh, that’s right. You said that you can go in and out through those pillars…”


“But why don’t you just fly, since you are dragons?”


The water dragons had big wings.

They should be able to fly. And so they shouldn’t require such a gate.

That’s what Shia had thought.


“It’s because there is a barrier around the whole thing. So we use this as the entrance.”

“Oh? Why is it like that?”


Serulis didn’t seem to understand it.


“In other words, there is a barrier around the whole settlement that prevents you from leaving or entering.”

“That’s it, Ruck! Exactly. And so it is very difficult to leave from any place but between these two pillars.”

Leea said.


Goran inspected the pillars and said,

“Then does that mean we should be fine as long as we can protect this area?”


“It was because of this barrier that we water dragons have survived this long without anyone being killed or injured.”

Grand Chamberlain Morris added.


As we talked about this, the water dragons began to stir.


“The princess just called Lord Ruck by his first name only.”

“I know that he is very kind…but perhaps that is going too far…”

“We must all apologize together before he becomes angry…”


They were becoming frantic. I didn’t want to have a reputation for having a short temper.


“It’s fine. You really shouldn’t think anything about it…”


As I started to talk, the water dragons started rolling onto the ground.

They were now on their backs, just like a dog that is acting submissive.


“Wha-what is going on?”

I asked in surprise. Kathe nodded knowingly.


“The water dragons are apologizing. This is their way of bowing to you. I happen to know a lot about human and dragon traditions.”


Kathe said with a smug expression.

As for the dragons on their backs, they were saying,


“The princess is still young. Please forgive her.”

“I beg you! Please have mercy on us.”



Even Grulf was next to them and lying on his back.

But it looked like he was just playing.


“There is really no need to apologize. Now, please raise your heads… I mean, bodies.”

I pleaded. But the dragons did not get up.


“All you water dragons, Ruck really doesn’t mind it. Don’t worry.”

“Ruck and I are friends!”

Leea said proudly. Her tail waved up and down.


“Yes. We call each other Leea and Ruck!”

I said this, and the water dragons finally got up.

They looked very surprised.



“Our princess is so privileged.”

“She is allowed to call him by his first name!”


The water dragons were halfway to deifying me.

I did not want that.


“No. I hope you all will now call me Ruck or Locke as well.”

“…How magnanimous.”

“But I would not dare…I could never do that…”

“Yes, you are right.”


They discussed it seriously amongst each other.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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