10 Years After – 160


“No, really. Don’t worry about it.”


But the water dragons still seemed like they had an aversion to doing that.

And so after their discussion, they settled on calling me Mister Ruck.


While the water dragons were talking, Eric and Goran looked at the pillars.


“Ruck. I don’t know much about these. But how strong would you say that this barrier is?”

“Ahh, that is very important. Ruck, can you inspect it?”

“Yes. Just give me a moment.”


And so I started to inspect the strength of the magic barrier.

It seemed very strong to me.


“It’s a good barrier. I think it must be quite close to the divine barrier that’s around the capital.”



The strength itself was very high.

However, I was more impressed that it covered such a wide area.

As it was usually very difficult to create a barrier like this.


“So is it really good enough that we just have to defend this area?”

“No, I wouldn’t say that. Though, anything stronger than a Vampire Lord may have to go in through here…”

“But the weak monsters can get in elsewhere?”



It was very similar to the divine barrier in that sense.

It was good at repelling strong monsters.

Usually, you weren’t as scared about weak monsters getting in anyway.


“So it’s exactly like the divine barrier?”

“No, it seems to react to magic in general. It doesn’t matter if you are a dark one or not.”


This was probably used more for protection against other dragons.


“How come it doesn’t protect against the weak ones?”

“It is very difficult to create a barrier that repels everything, besides, we do not want it to affect monsters that we eat.”


Grand Chamberlain Morris explained.


“Besides, even the weakest of us dragons could kill a lesser or arch vampire very easily.”

“And can they stop Charm?”

“Of course. We dragons have a high resistance to mind attacks to begin with.”

“We want Ruck to attack the Lords and High Lords that come in through the gate.”


Leea said with a smile.


“If that’s the case, please leave it to us.”


I said. And then the water dragons cheered.

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  1. Just marathoned this series after seeing it manga. I am enjoying the quality of the translation work for it. Hopefully there are not too many deviations from the novel to the manga.

    • I haven’t read the manga, but I did just marathon this series in my free time over the past 3 days.
      It seemed interesting, so I picked it up and I wasn’t able to stop until I was all caught up and ran out of material.
      It’s a great read and I’m loving the daily releases.

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