10 Years After – 161

Acquiring a Means to Contact the Water Dragons


After that, we took a tour of the rest of the settlement.

It felt like some great migration because of all of the dragons following us.


The water dragon settlement was in a place where a giant lake connected with a giant forest.

The great lake was on the south side of the settlement.


“Does the barrier cover the lake as well?”

“The barrier covers about half of the lake.”


Grand Chamberlain Morris answered Eric’s question.

So you could not approach the settlement if you tried to come from the outside.

The lake was covered by a thick, magical mist that made you lose your sense of direction.

So even if you managed to move through the water in a straight line, it would be very difficult to get through the barrier.


“So it is more strongly defended than the forest?”

“You could say that.”


Then Shia asked,


“Um, do water dragons not live underwater?”

“We generally live on dry land.”

“I like to swim too..”


Leea said happily.

Water dragons liked to swim and could breathe underwater.

They had very powerful water magic and breath.

That being said, they still did not actually live underwater.


“It is a very big and beautiful settlement.”

“Isn’t it!”


Leea said with pride as I praised it.

Fifty water dragons lived here. So of course it would be big.

And there was a lot of space between the houses.




Grulf looked happy as he ran around with Leea on his back.

The water dragon settlement was so big that Grulf could get plenty of exercise here.

Maybe it would be a good idea to come here for walks instead of going out of the city.


After that, we returned to the water dragon palace.

We separated from the fifty water dragons here for now.


“Ruck! I have some tea and sweets! Run, Grulf!”

Leea said excitedly. She was still riding on top of Grulf when she grabbed my hand and pulled me after them.



Grulf looked very happy. His tail wagged as he ran.


We all then moved to the palace drawing-room.

As the private room was the first room we had gone to in the palace, this was our first time in the drawing-room.

And since the palace was so huge, it took us a while to get there.


There were giant desks and chairs in the drawing-room.

But there were also human-sized desks and chairs as well.


“Those are for dragons and those are for humans!”

“I see. So you have both.”

“I had them newly prepared when I heard that you were visiting.”

“That was very kind of you.”


If you squint, you could see four human-sized desks off in the distance.

Perhaps they were for royalty. The royal family was small, so they wouldn’t need too many of them.


As we took our seats, the Grand Chamberlain brought in the tea and sweets.


“Here, Grulfie. Have some of this.”

They had prepared snacks for Grulf as well.



Grulf ate it happily.


As we relaxed, drank tea and ate the food, Dorgo began to talk.

“Now, now. You have all gotten a good look at the water dragon settlement. So let us get to business.”

Dorgo pulled out bracelets from his bag.

One was human-size. The other was for dragons.



Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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