10 Years After – 161


“Are those for communicating?”

“No, these are just orichalchum bracelets. I am thinking of casting magic on them and turning them into communication bracelets. Then I shall connect them with the ones gifted to us by King Eric the other day. Is that alright?”


We had received communication bracelets from Eric.

They allowed Eric, Goran, Kathe, Dorgo and I to talk to each other.

And now Dorgo was going to connect ours with Leea and the Grand Chamberlain’s bracelets.


“Yes, that would be very useful.”

“Thank you.”

“A communication bracelet! I want one!”


Leea said happily.

And so he took all of our bracelets and lined them up on a table.

And then right in front of us, Dorgo cast magic onto them.

The ordinary bracelets would turn into communication devices and connect with ours.


This showed how amazing Dorgo was as a Sorcerer.

It was very educational for me.


As it was not a spell used on me, I couldn’t use Learning.

But I thought I still may be able to copy it if I watched.

Of course, it would be polite to ask him about it first.


“Um, Mister Dorgo.”

“What is it?”

“Would you mind if I watched you cast this magic?”

“What do you mean?”

“Uh, I can copy magic if it is done in front of me.”



Dorgo’s hands stopped and he suddenly looked at me seriously.

No one else here was a Sorcerer, so they would not be able to copy it.

But I was a Sorcerer.


“I guess it is not a good thing after all? While it may be too late, I can leave now if you wish…”

“No, it is not bad… But can you really replicate it?”

“I don’t know if it will be accurate enough to call it a recreation…more of an imitation maybe…”


Still, it was the creation of magic tools with dragon magic.

If it was a secret the dragons wanted to keep, maybe they wouldn’t want me to copy it.


“I shall go then.”

I said. But Dorgo frantically shook his head.


“No, please! It is not something that we would not want you to copy! I just didn’t think it was possible. And so I was surprised.”

“Locke is very impressive. I wouldn’t know how to do it no matter how hard you tried to teach me.”

“…Kathe, maybe you should study more seriously.”


Dorgo hissed at her.

On the other hand, Leea’s eyes had lit up.


“I don’t understand it either! You’re amazing!”

“Locke can use Magic Learning.”

“Aye, he is good at learning new magic very quickly.”


Eric and Goran said proudly.

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