10 Years After – 40

The High Lord’s Stronghold


Eric looked at us three and Gerberga.


“The beastkin have exposed the location of the High Lord for us.”

“That’s very helpful. Finding it was going to be the hardest part, after all!”


Goran said with a boisterous laugh.

Shia was also excited as she said,


“Well, let’s go and invade it then!”

“They set the stage for us. We cannot let them down.”


I said and everyone nodded.

We continued to ride our horses as we moved towards the Vampire High Lord’s lair.

While we were riding, I started to think about the 6th Officer’s sword I had acquired a short while ago.

It was able to trade blows with the Devil King Sword. It would surely be useful.


I looked at Eric, Goran and Shia’s swords.

Eric the Hero’s sword was a holy sword. It was probably better than the 6th Officer’s sword.

Goran’s sword was also a strong sword of magic. It had a fire attribute and was indestructible.


Shia’s sword was not terrible, but it was thin and did not look reliable.

I felt like Shia had chosen it because she prioritized speed.


“Shia. I want you to have this.”

I handed her the 6th Officer’s sword.


“Where did this come from?”

Shia asked as she swung the sword several times while riding.


“It is a very light sword. It is lighter than the sword I have now.”

“That sword was used by the 6th Ranking Officer. And it did not break while trading blows with my Devil King Sword.”

“That is amazing. Are you sure you want to give me such a wonderful sword?”

“Shia, don’t you remember how hard it was when your sword broke against the goblin lord?”

“I was…not ready and…”

“A sword like this is not likely to break so easily.”

“Then I will gladly accept it. I am so very happy.”


Goran saw this and said,


“A Vampire Lord’s sword, eh? Are you sure it isn’t cursed?”

“Of course, I’m sure.”


I said, and Goran was satisfied.

As a Sorcerer, I inspected it well in advance.

While breaking curses was difficult, I could easily tell whether or not there were any.

And there were no curses cast on the 6th Officer’s sword. And no evil magic either.

And so it was safe.


Before we knew it, we had arrived in the location that the beastkin chief had indicated.


“Hm? There is nothing here.”

“Indeed. Though, I do feel a strange presence…”


Goran and Eric dismounted and cautiously inspected the area.


“No, it is quite visible to me.”

“Me too. It is concealment magic.”


Shia and I said as we dismounted.

While it was concealment magic, it was a type specific to vampires.

As I was an advanced Sorcerer and Shia was immune to vampire magic with psychological effects, it could not fool us.

But I learned it, just in case.


“Alright, I’m going to deactivate it now. We should consider ourselves discovered by the enemy the moment that it comes down.”


“We just have to charge in, eh?”

“I am prepared for anything, I am.”


Eric and Goran looked serious. Shia unsheathed her sword.


“Goran, Eric, Shia, and then me. We’ll charge inside in that order.”

“You’re not going to use any great magic? Wasn’t that your favorite thing to do, Ruck?”


Goran knew my style well.


“It is, but there might be humans who have been charmed inside. There could be captured beastkin as well.”

“I see. That’s true.”

“So I must be careful in choosing what magic to use. We’ll charge in after I use magic.”



Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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