10 Years After – 40


First, I needed to grasp the flow of the concealment magic.

Then I have my own magic flow inside, wrecking the current and blocking it.

In a flash, the entrance to the cave appeared before us.


There were no guards. If you had a concealment spell, it was best not to have guards stationed there.

If you did, then you would have to erase the presence of the guards as well, which would make the spell much harder to cast.

Of course, there were likely going to be guards deeper in, who were ready to take on any beastkin invaders.


“Wait a moment.”


I unleashed a Sleep Cloud into the cave.

I used wind magic at the same time, and the cloud drifted deep down into the cave.

And then we waited for some time.

Once the Sleep Cloud had filled the cave completely, I used wind magic once again. This time it was to remove to cloud from the cave.

It would be annoying if Eric and Goran fell asleep right after they charged in.


“Can we go in now?”


And then I turned to Goran and said,


“Vampires have a high resistance to psychological status effects. Still, the lessers should have fallen asleep.”



And Goran charged inside. He was very fast.

Eric and Shia followed after him.


After entering the cave, we immediately bumped into an Arch Vampire.

The Arch Vampire looked a little drowsy. And so he did not see us immediately.



Just as the sound escaped his lips, Goran’s sword took his head off.

As Goran’s sword had fire attributes, the wound began to burn up.


Goran’s feet did not slow down after this encounter.

He wasn’t even killing every enemy ahead of him. He only cut down the ones who tried to prevent him from running.

He knew that Eric would handle the ones that he did not.


Eric was also killing the vampires with brilliant swordwork.

His holy sword was incredibly effective against these creatures of the shadows. They turned to ash in an instant.


“It is a trap!”



The traps could not escape Shia’s eyes, and she destroyed them.

The vampires psychological magic, in other words, concealment magic, was not effective on Shia.

On top of that, she had a sharp sense of hearing and smell. She was the perfect anti-vampire Scout.


We were making good progress into the cave until several Vampire Lords blocked our path.

There were five of them. Even Goran could not just rush past them. He stopped.


“Five Lords, eh? The High Lord must be behind them then.”

“Ah, Ruck. Shia. Go on ahead and leave this to us.”


Eric and Goran laughed.

Even if it was Eric and Goran, five Vampire Lords would be a tough fight.


“That’s five Lords. Are you sure?”

“Of course, we are. You aren’t the only one who has become stronger in the last 10 years.”

“Don’t underestimate us. Killing the High Lord is our ultimate goal now. We cannot allow him to escape.”

“Ruck, Shia. We’re counting on you.”

“Fine. Don’t die on me, alright?”

“Of course, we won’t.”

“It’s you who should be careful.”


And so Shia and I rushed passed the Vampire Lords.


“You won’t get away!”

A Vampire Lord chased after us and tried to attack.

However, Goran’s sword would allow no such thing.


“Distracted. You must be overconfident!”


The Vampire Lord’s attack never reached us.

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  1. so an arch vampire is a lesser vampire to him now. kind of expected him to make even the lords fall asleep. that would be too op. curb stomping level.

    • Well he was fighting nonstop in a super mana-rich environment while his companions probably never faced a fight more difficult than the devil king. They only got stronger through training and grinding while Ruck was being constantly pushed to his limits. Ruck also became younger and more healthy, while the others are starting to become old.

  2. There’s no cluck in this chapter?
    Is he become tense? Or awesomely can read the atmosphere to not disturb the battle?

    Welp, thanks for the chappu~

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