10 Years After – 41

Shia & F Rank Warrior vs High Lord


Shia and I moved deeper into the cave until a heavy-looking wall blocked our path.

There was a thick and dark magical power leaking through the cracks from behind it.


“I’m going to tear it down!”



I hacked at the wall with the Devil King Sword. Then I sent the pieces of the door flying with a kick.

The two pieces of the door shot straight ahead and smashed into the person who was in the room. But then they crumbled into powder at the last second.


“That was very rude.”


There was a young man with silver hair inside. And he said this while sitting on a king’s throne and remaining very still.

He was overflowing with dark magic that could not be compared to any mere Lord.

He was clearly a Vampire High Lord.


“It’s a reactive barrier. Be careful.”

“I understand.”


The door had been destroyed before hitting the High Lord.

It wasn’t a normal wall. It destroyed whatever it touched.

It would probably blow you away if you touched it by accident.


There was also a cage near where the High Lord was sitting.

And inside of it was a large wolf.


“What’s that?”

“That is…perhaps… No. I am not sure.”


It seemed like Shia had an idea. But she was not certain.

I didn’t know if it was a friend or foe. In that case, it was best to leave it for now.


“We’ll deal with it after the fight.”

“Of course.”


The High Lord looked at Shia and then at me.


“I knew that there were dogs sniffing around, but you are not a dog.”


The High Lord looked at me with a stare that was full of magic.


“In case you didn’t know, Charm does not work on me.”

“Is that right? You, what is your name?”

“You’re not worth an introduction.”


Even while the High Lord and I were talking, Shia was slowly making her move.

She was trying to position herself on the side of the High Lord. And then she would cut at him when she saw her chance.


The High Lord’s magic-infused stare continued to be fixed on me.

I wasn’t a beastkin. And so he probably thought that Charm would work on me.

High Lord’s had much more powerful magic than Lords.

There were not many humans who could resist it.

Perhaps no human until now had been able to.


“How many Lords do you have as subordinates?”

“Hmm. So it really doesn’t work on you?”

“That’s what I said.”


As we talked, I searched for an opening. However, this was a High Lord. And I could not easily find one.


And it would not be good to allow this to stretch out for too long.

If it took too long, then the effect of the Sleep Cloud would die away.

And then all of the lesser vampires would wake up.

I was worried about Eric and Goran, who was fighting the Lords. We needed to hurry.


While I was thinking this, Shia had succeeded in moving towards his side.

She didn’t fall on him, instead, she shot me a glance.

It was to show that she was ready.




I muttered, and at the same time, swung the Devil King Sword at the High Lord.

The sword hit the reactive barrier and sparks flew. However, the sword continued to move towards the High Lord as the wall smashed into pieces.



While confused, the High Lord blocked my attack with his own sword.

He had not expected the barrier to be broken like this.



Just as my sword was blocked, Shia lept towards the High Lord.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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